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Bicycle Gift Ideas And Bicycle Accessories

Bicycle Gift Ideas and Accessories

Buying a gift for someone can be difficult - even at the best of times ...

However, if the lucky recipient of your present is interested in bicycles or cycling ... then there are actually loads of great bike gadgets, useful accessories, fabulous prints or vintage bicycle posters that you can dazzle them with ... I'd wager that there is something to satisfy even the most finicky of tastes!!

In this section of the site we have brainstormed bicycle gift and accessory ideas for you - and then taken a more in-depth and objective, look at some of the available cycling paraphernalia, like car bike racks, indoor training stands and safety lights.

Bicycle Tours

Tours Montage

Nothing beats the sense of freedom and connection you have with the landscape - than when you travel by bicycle ... and there are so many AMAZING places to explore in the world.
Vermont, Colorado and France are our favorites.

Touring on a bike is the very best way to truly experience a culture, engage with local people and best of all indulge in regional cuisines - without packing on the 'usual' holiday weight.

Cycling tours can be undertaken using a 'commercial' tour operator or alternatively you can do a 'self-guided' trip - both options have Pros and Cons.
Please read our advice about cycling tour companies.

Whichever style of touring you decide to choose - one thing you will need to know is how to pack properly - so we have created a 'Bicycle Tours Packing Guide'.

This guide gives advice on all the essental stuff to take to ensure that you have the most comfortable, hassle-free and enjoyable bicycle adventure possible.

How To Buy A Bicycle - An Online Bicycle Buying Guide

Bicycle Buying Guide

Purchasing a bike online is not always easy and there is so much to consider and research!

If you are thinking of taking the plunge and buying online then read over our online bicycle buying guide.

It will make the process a whole lot easier for you, give you points to consider and just generally take the pain out of your research.

We have great advice about buying a bicycle for your kids and how to size a bike to fit you.

These pages are a great reference point when making your online bicycle purchases... whether it's a standard type like a mountain or road bike, or something more unusual like a tandem or a recumbent.

Bicycle Brands - Bicycle Manufacturers And Their Brands Of Bikes

Bicycle Brands

A little confused about all the different brands of bike? ... Schwinn, Cannondale, Trek, Mongoose, Electra, Huffy, Specialized Bikes, Giant, Bianchi, Felt, Kona, Dahon, Felt, Sun, Klein ... Aaaahhhhhh!!
It's enough to make your head explode!!

Would you like to know which bicycle brands are high-end, specialty or mass-produced?

Not sure about who is manufacturing which bicycle brands these days ... and where ... after all those corporate take-overs?

Or perhaps you just like to know the various histories of the different bicycle manufacturers?

Well then ... this is the bicycle section for you!

History of Bicycles - And Our Bicycle History Timeline

History of Bicycles

Are you passionate about bikes, a history buff ... or just have an wild inquisitive streak and a strong thirst for knowledge?

If you hunger to know the History of Bicycles then feast your eyes on our meaty Bicycle History Timeline! It has taken over six months of research to compile this extensive record.

If you are still not satisfied then we can super-size your demands with a filling side-serving of Who Invented The Bicycle.

Cravings just a little something extra? ... Just a taste more of our bicycle history?

Well for dessert I can offer you the fascinating personal journey of Thomas Stevens who was the first person to ride around the world on a bike - indeed a Penny Farthing - no less!

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Bicycle Tours

Gift Ideas and Accessories

Bicycle Buying Guide

Bicycle Brands

Article Submission

History of Bicycles

Basic Bicycle Sizing

If you are an average Joe or Josephine who just wants a comfortable ride on a correctly sized bicycle (without requiring a physics degree), then here is a very basic guide to getting the right size bike for you.

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