Different Types Of RV Bike Racks:

A-Frame Tongue Mount Bicycle Rack

A-frame tongue mounted RV bike racks A-Frame Tongue Mount A-Frame Tongue Mount

The Features Of An ... A-Frame Tongue Mount Bicycle Rack

An A-Frame Tongue Mount bicycle rack is a great bicycle storage solution, if you are making your journey across the country in an RV - which is pulling a tent trailer, caravan or a travel trailer.

The A-Frame Tongue Mount bike rack - is either welded or simply bolted onto your RVs' tongue frame. It is mounted over the top of the propane tanks. - via a carrier.

Using these types of RV bicycle racks you can transport 1-2 bicycles. The racks are pretty solid and stable.

The added weight with the carrier and two bikes can be up to- 150 pounds or 68kg - which may create issues with your tongue weight ... so check your weight capacity before purchasing this style of RV bicycle rack.

The positioning of this type of bike rack is great because .. you can keep an close eye on your bicycle cargo by simply looking in your rear-view mirror.

The downside is because they are positioned higher up over the tanks and tend to be pretty solid ... they can be difficult to hoist up unassisted and harder to secure.

Some A-frame bicycle racks will even pivot on their drawbar to give you access into your rear storage compartments.


The tongue is the portion of your trailer which extends forward from the trailer box ... this includes the trailer coupler.

Trailer tongue features

Different Types Of RV Bike Racks:


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