Adriatic Sea & Apennines Mountains Tour

by Breaking Away
(Sann Jose, CA, USA)

This tour’s spectacular route follows the gentle road connecting the sea to the Mountains. It takes you from Adriatic Rivera into the neighboring Apennines Mountains. Relax and enjoy four nights in Marco Pantani’s home town of Cesenatico, During the morning we will be doing loop rides from the hotel that take us from the coast into the local hills and relaxing and enjoying at our four star, seaside hotel’s many amenities during the afternoons and evenings. This tour will include a day ride into the neighboring Republic of San Marino and a visit to Marko Pantani’s Museum. After leaving the Adriatic Coast the route heads deep into the Apennines Mountains for a three night stay at another four star resort at a thermal spa town of Bagno di Romagna.

Daily Itinerary/

June 14th: Depart the USA for Italy

June 15th: Welcome to Venice, Italy! Airport pick up. After building bikes and doing final rental bike fittings & adjustments at our local airport hotel we will have a late afternoon/early evening van transfer to a seaside town of Cesenatico. Our four star hotel is situated directly on the beach and will make a perfect home base for four nights. Take a swim in the sea or enjoy a drink seaside/poolside before our “Welcome Reception & Dinner Party.”

June 16th: After breakfast we escape the beach crowds on quiet and empty small roads that invite you to test your legs on short, but steep Tuscan like hills. Rewards are great views of gentle rolling terrain and Adriatic Sea in the distance. Lunch at a local restaurant in the middle of sandstone countryside. On the way back, we will cross the famous Rubicon river, just as did Julius Caesar more than 2000 years. And yes, the die will be cast! Relax seaside before our group meeting.

June 17th: Wake up to smell of freshly baked italian pastries and to the sound of waves crashing on the shore of the Adriatic Sea. After a sumptuous breakfast of local delicacies we will head out for a loop ride that takes us along the coast and then deep into into the neighboring hills of Emelia Romagna. Or you can choose to take a day off and enjoy a beachside day at our luxurious hotel.

June 18th
: Today’s ride will include a visit to an independent country, surrounded by Italy? That sits perched on top of a rock, overviewing the surroundings? That is the Republic and city of San Marino as you will experience it this day. The route takes you all around this tiny country, you’ll get to test your legs on the ascent to the fairy-tale town of San Leo. After lunch take in the local sights and fill your camera’s memory chip with medieval architecture photos as you explore the fortified San Marino. The views will leave you breathless.

June 19th: Enjoy your last breakfast along the Adriatic Sea as today we head into the Apennines Mountains. We have a ride planned for you that takes us along on a scenic ridge through a historic town of Borghi, with stunning views overlooking the nearby valleys. After lunch a sweeping descent into the valley of Savio, the route snakes along a river and will slowly take us uphill to our next ancient Roman bath spa town of Bagno di Romagna. Unpack as we will be spending three nights at this four star resort that is set in middle of Apennines Mountains.

June 20th: After a hearty breakfast, today’s ride has two loop options and both have challenging and scenic loops planned through the verdant countryside including a lunch stop at Poggio di Mandrioli. Our second night in Bagno di Romagna allows you in the afternoon to explore the cobbled streets with its array of quaint shops and outdoor trattorias.

June 21st: Fill up at breakfast as today we have a climber’s day filled with small candy rewards – scents of pine trees, dense forests, open views, lively creeks… Two long climbs also mean two long descents, so fun is guaranteed for all. After the hard ride, soften your muscles in hotel pool or get a massage and you will be reenergized for our Farewell group meeting and dinner.

June 22nd: Today after sleeping in and enjoying breakfast we will have

a van transfer that brings us back to our Venice airport hotel. Late

afternoon airport or train station shuttles or you can stay an

OPTIONAL NIGHT at our airport hotel and leave the following day.

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