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Arizona is a wonderful biking destination if you enjoy long stretches of road cycling through stark and beautiful landscapes.

With it's soaring cliffs and spires, plunging canyons and achingly beautiful desert sunsets - it is an experience like no other.

Alternatively if you are more interested in hurling down mountain trails on an MTB and

camping under the stars - there is also plenty of scope for that too, in the various different regions of Arizona, (see below).

Despite contrary belief Arizonia is not all rugged desert, sweeping canyons, cowboys, ghost towns and cactus, (although it does have this too!). It also is home to beautiful thick forests, terrific skifields, state parklands and sparkling lakes.

Culturally, Arizonia is a fascinating mixture of Spanish and Indian history, old pioneering spirit, wild western frontiers and conversely - cosmopolitan sophistication

With days are endlessly sunny and deliciously mild - winter is the best time for you to undertake a bicycle tour of Arizona.

Check out our 'Weather Watch' below, to see the best time of year to undertake a bicycle tour of Arizona.

Arizona Bicycle Tour - Top Places To Visit

The Grand Canyon

One of the world's most breathtaking natural wonders is found in Arizona - the magestic Grand Canyon.

This vast chasm spans a length of 277 miles / 445.7km. It's sheer rock walls plunge over 1 mile / 1.6km into the torrid, blue Colorado River.

There is access to the Grand Canyon National Park from the North and South Rims. To the west are the lovely Havasupai Falls which can be visited via the Hualapai Indian Reservation.

The Grand Canyon should be on the top of your Arizona bicycle tour 'To Do List'. i It is an unmissable, awe-inspiring spectacle!!

Northern Arizona

Northern Arizona has miles of dramatic landscapes - virgin forests, soaring sandstone spires and sweeping canyons. It is home to the Grand Canyon, the White Mountains, Monument Valley and the quaint townships of Show Low and Pinetop-Lakeside.

North Central Arizona

The state's North Central is a fabulous spot if you are looking for a bicycle tour of Arizonia . It has it all ...

The craggy terrain of the high country, four distinctive seasons, heavily wooded forests, the vivid red hues of the Sedona Rocks, sparkling freshwater lakes, terrific recreational trails, and the stunning stark landscapes of the snaggy Mogollon Rim.

Arizona's West Coast

If you are looking for an Arizona bicycle tour that takes in all types of water sports - then Arizonia's West Coast is just the ticket.

This region is smattered with cool lakes, reservoirs and most importantly the spectacular Colorado River - which winds it's way majestically from the mighty Hoover Dam all the way to colorful Mexico.

Central Arizona

A bike tour of sunny Central Arizona can take in the State's regional delights including dude ranches and mountain trails or alternatively it can include more urbane pursuits.

Phoenix - located in the heart of the county - offers a more sophisticated bike tour experience. There are a glut of delicious restaurants, bars, shops, casinos, golf courses and resorts, to experience.

Southern Arizona

Southern Arizona is a heterogeneous mixture of exciting destinations and attractions.

The desert landscape is stunning with it's stark rocky mountains, deep canyons, searing sunsets and giant artistic catcus, (saguaros), which adorn the sunburnt landscape.

Of course, no bicycle tour of Arizona would be complete without a visit to one of the South's rugged and wild, western townships, ghost towns and / or fascinating Spanish colonial missions.

Weather Watch: For Arizona Bicycle Tour

Arizona is predominantly classed as being semi-arid - which is great news, if you are undertaking a bicycle tour of Arizona, because this translates into great cycling weather - little rain, low humidity and lots of sunshine.

However, avoid cycling in July-August, because this is storm season and the humidity tends to get much higher and more uncomfortable over this period.

The clearest months - and definitely the best for an Arizona bicycle tour - with the highest amount of sunny days, are: April, May and June.

The cloudiest months are July, August, December, January and February.


The wettest months are August, December and March.

The driest months are from May and June.


July is the hottest month with average highs of 105 degrees fahrenheit or 40.5 degrees celsius.

And average lows of 77.5 degrees fahrenheit or approx 25.3 degrees celsius.

August and June - in that order - are the next hottest months.


January is the coldest month with average highs of 64.8 degrees fahrenheit or approx 18.3 degrees celsius.

And average lows of 37.6 degrees fahrenheit or approx 3.1 degrees celsius.

Did You Know?

Arizona, is now home to the original London Bridge.

The bridge was shipped out from England to Lake Havasu City, and stone-by-stone was rebuilt.


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