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How To Buy A Bicycle That Suits You ...

How To Buy A Bicycle - A General Bicycle Buying Guide

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The Facts About How To Buy A Bicycle
That Is Right For You:

When deciding how to buy a bicycle, there are so many different points to consider!

Should you buy bicycles online ... or stick with local bike shops?

What type of bike riding are you planning on doing?

How much should you spend?

Are department store bicycles the same quality as independent bicycle store bikes?

Deciding on the best bike to buy and where you should buy your bicycle from ... really depends on your personal circumstances.

This is a basic bicycle buying guide to get you thinking BEFORE you take the plunge.

PS - Take a look at the basic bicycle sizing pages to ensure you buy the right size bike!

Basic Bicycle Sizing

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How To Buy A Bicycle That Is The Right Fit ...
Correct Sizing Is Important:

Before buying a bicycle you really need to ensure you get a bike that is sized correctly because it will make a world of difference to your efficiency, speed and comfort levels.

Bicycle sizing can be VERY technical and complicated ... and it should be if you are a serious cyclist and need to get the very best out of your bicycle.

However, if you are a more casual cyclist then this basic bicycle sizing guide will help you to make the right choices so you can get off to a great start, on your new bike.

Kids Bicycle Buying Guide

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Making An Informed Choice
When Purchasing A Kid's Bike:

Once your kids reach the ages of 4-8 they are usually ready to start riding their very own bike. This is always such an exciting and life-changing event for a child!

Buying a new bike is a big step and there are lots of things to consider... size, height, brakes, assembly etc

To help you make the best choices when deciding on a bike for your child we have written the kids bicycle buying guide.

Tandem Bicycles

Sports Tandem Greenspeed Recumbent Tandem Barlow and Fletcher Racing

Tandem Bicycle Buying Guide
And Cycling Tips:

Tandem bicycles are becoming increasingly popular - for both recreational and racing purposes. It is not only pleasurable pastime but can also be an extremely fast form of cycling.

Learning how to ride tandem bicycles does take some practice and a little bit of strategy. First you need to decide who is the 'Captain' and who is the 'Stoker'.

You also need to decide which type of tandem you want to ride - regular, recumbent or side-by-side ...

The Tandem Bicycle Buying Guide discusses the issues you need to consider before making a purchase. It also looks at how to ride a tandem, terms you need to know and solutions to the problems that you may encounter.

Recumbent Bicycles

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Recumbent Bicycle Buying Guide
And Cycling Tips:

Recumbent bicycles, a.k.a 'Bent bicycles', are not your standard bike.

Instead of sitting perched on a regular bicycle seat the rider reclines in a seat with their legs extended forward.

Despite common misconceptions - recumbents are NOT just bikes for disabled people but are in fact are a fantastic and really comfortable way of cycling for everyone.

Unlike regular shaped bikes (or wedgies as they are referred to by recumbent riders), recumbent bikes don't just come in a standard diamond shape with minor variations. They come in a plethora of different shapes and sizes.

This Recumbent Bicycle Buying Guide will walk you through all the different recumbent styles available in the marketplace.

Schwinn Electric Bicycle

Schwinn Electric Bicycle Schwinn Electric Bicycle Schwinn Electric Bicycle

Schwinn Electric Bicycle Buying Guide
And Review:

Have you been tossing up about renouncing your car - and subsequent traffic jams - and switching to commuting on an electric bicycle?

Well, we have taken a closer look at the Schwinn Electric Bicycle called the 'Tailwind.

This review looks at all the tech specs, the Pros and Cons and what the experts have to say about this particular electric bicycle.

Personally we love the idea of an electric bicycle as a commuter bike for so many different reasons.

Did you know that the Schwinn Electric Bicycle gives approximately 30 miles or 48km of pedal assistance per battery charge or over an hour?

There is the choice of three modes of pedal-assist ... flat, downhill and hill climbing or alternative you can switch over to using your electric bicycle as a regular bike.

The Schwinn Electric Bicycle is a terrific, environmentally friendly alternative, and ...

Best of all riding an electric bicycle to work, means you can arrive fresh instead of sweaty and smelly!!

Guide To Different Bicycle Styles

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Explaining The Features And Functions
Of Different Styles Of Bikes:

The Guide To Different Bicycles Styles gives an brief explaination about the unique features of many different styles of bicycles, including:

So if you are unsure about what's what in the world of bicycles then this guide may just help.


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Bicycle Buying Guide

How to Choose the Best Type of Bicycle For You

The video below is quite a good overview presented by Christopher Danz from

The video outlines the uses for different types of bicycles, including Mountain, Road, Comfort / Hybrid and Cruiser Bikes.

Tips for Buying Used Bicycles

Geoff from the two wheeler dealer suggests checking for frame cracks, tire tread, chain condition, cable functionality, brake pad wear, handle grip wear and wheelhub integrity.