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Struggling For Ideas For The Perfect Bicycle Gift?

Or perhaps you are just researching cycling accessories for yourself ...

Then you've come to the right place.

Schwinn Vintage Bicycle PosterBe Aware ...
That the process of buying a bicycle is quite personal. So steer away from buying a bike for someone else ... unless you're buying a kids bicycle for your child. Even then, it's better to fit their new bicycle in the shop (before you try to find a cheaper kids bike online).

Bicycle accessories are a much better idea for a cycling gift.

An Indoor Training Stand

Tacx Bike Training Stand Bike Rollers Compu-Trainer Indoor Training Stand Cyclops Wind Trainer

Having a Bicycle Indoor Training Stand means that when it's cold or wet outside, there's no excuse for skipping your ride - it also means you can stay fit and motivated over the winter months.

Basically, by hooking up your regular bike to the hard frame of a Stationary Bicycle Stand, it is transformed into an Indoor Bike Trainer.

There are so many different types of bicycle indoor training stands that it can be overwhelming trying to figure out what is right for you (or your partner), so we've done a LOT of research and have laid it all out to make to decision much easier.

You'll find comprehensive information on the advantages and disadvantages of the indoor bike trainer, explainations of the different types available and how they work .... plus the pros and cons for each particular style!

There's also information on the who some of the major manufacturers of the bicycle indoor training stands are AND ... most importantly things you REALLY should consider before purchasing bike trainer.

An indoor training stand is a present that is not only practical but - if you buy a virtual reality bike trainer - also immense fun.

A Bicycle Repair Stand

Bicycle Repair Stand Dual Purpose Bike Repair Stand

If you are a passionate cyclist - or merely a perfectionist - then you are going to want to keep your bike in tip-top condition.

A repair stand makes a brilliant bicycle gift, because - believe me - owning a bicycle repair stand will make your bike mainenence sessions a whole lot easier !

There is a wide assortment of bicycle repair stands and they all function differently.

This guide to bike repair stands helps you navigate the ins and outs of the different machines.

We look at all the alternative repair stand models and their various parts and components.

There are things to consider before purchasing, popular brands, a huge list of manufacturers and rough pricing guides.

Bicycle Dog Carrier

Vintage Dog Bicycle Carrier Bicycle Poster

OK so this bicycle gift is more for your canine best-friend or ... your best friend who just adores their dog.

Believe it or not there is a fair bit to consider before purchasing a Bicycle Dog Carrier

We've come up with a guide that gives great tips on what you should consider BEFORE you purchase a Bicycle Dog Carrier ... so that your best friend can enjoy the smoothest ride possible.

Vintage Bicycle Posters Or Bicycle Prints

Raleigh Bicycle poster Lance Armstrong Bicycle print

Vintage bicycle posters and cycling prints are an ideal bicycle gift if you want to buy online, and save yourself a lot of legwork.

There is even conceivable style and design available - and lots are downright gorgeous.

A great bicycle gift idea for someone who's not even into cycling. (GASP!)

We've included tips on how to start your own vintage bicycle poster or gorgeous bicycle print collection, things to look out for and made suggestions for collection themes.

Be careful though - because the chances are you'll end up keeping the gift for yourself ... trust me I KNOW!!

Bicycle Gifts & Accessories For Serious Cycling Addict

Lance Armstrong Bicycle Print


Heart, pulse, distance odometer

Cycling books

Tickets to the Olympic cycling

Indoor Training Stands

High tech watch


Clothing, helmets

Recumbent Exercise bicycle


Maps and Guide Books

Tour de France bicycle tour

Safety Gear

Vintage Bicycle Posters

Bicycle prints and cycling posters

Magazine subscription

Training diary


Cycling Gift For The Recreational Rider

Vintage Pin Up Girl on a Bicycle

Moon saddle

Bicycle Prints

Tag Along Bike

Bicycle Dog Carrier

Vintage Posters

Pannier Rack

A Cycling Gift For The Romantic

Couple touring on Peugot Bicycles

Bicycle tour - local or international

Tandem bicycle tour

Tour de France tour

Kids Bicycle Gifts

Kids in the Netherlands on BMX Bikes

Antique pedal cars

LED bicycle lights

BMX bike

Bicycle Paraphernalia

I Love My Bicycle Bell

Bicycle posters


Bicycle art

Bicycle sculpture




Bottle openers



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