Different Types Of Indoor Bicycle Training Stands:

What Is A Bicycle Roller Trainer

The Bicycle Roller Trainer resembles a horizontal ladder made from rollers.

Riding the Bicycle Roller Trainer requires your rear tire to be placed onto the back rollers.

The front wheel is either, situated on the front rollers, or alternatively removed altogether and replaced with a front fork stand.

Elite Rollers - Bicycle Indoor Trainer

The Bicycle Roller Trainer is unsupported by a stand and requires your great skills of balance and concentration.

PROS Of The Bicycle Roller Trainer CONS Of The Bicycle Roller Trainer
  • Excellent for practicing cycling techniques like cadence, handling balance and smooth and efficient pedalling.
  • Your bicycle enjoys freedom of movement as it is not anchored in a stand structure.
  • Lack of resistance enables you to cultivate a smooth, fast spin.
  • There is less stress on your bicycle frame with rollers than with the various different bicycle indoor training stands.
  • Fairly easy to set up.
  • A lot less boring than riding a stationary bicycle stand because the bicycle roller requires a great deal more control, balance and concentration.
  • Can be made more versatile by buying resistance units and front wheel stands to make steering issues less problematic.
  • Great for longer, speed sessions.
  • Some can be tricky to move.
  • Easy to crash off. (Side-rollers can offer a solution to this problem).
  • Requires a great deal more control, balance and concentration than a stationary bicycle stand so multi-tasking is inhibited.
  • Doesn't provide much resistance for developing strength, (although various reesistance units can be attached to solve this issue).
  • Are noisier than the regular bicycle indoor training stands.
Early days of the  Bicycle Roller Trainer.

NB: Aluminium rollers are smooth and quiet ... but easier to dent.

Polycarbonate rollers have a more natural road feel.

Greater resistance can be gain by using thinner rollers.

Highly Recommended Bicycle Roller Trainer Manufacturers Are:

  • Saris CycleOps
  • Tacx

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Indoor Roller Trainers

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Different Types Of Indoor Bicycle Training Stands:


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