Different Styles Of Car Bike Rack:

Bike Roof Racks

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The Pros of A Bike Roof Rack Are ...

Bike Roof Racks are another pretty popular choice for transporting your bicycles.

Most commonly a Bike Roof Rack will have up to a four bicycle capacity ... however some can accomodate up to six. Just make sure you check the manufacturer's load-limits for your car-model's roof.

You can choose from ... fork-mount racks - which give increased aerodynamics and overall stability - plus your bike will be more manageable to hoist up onto that rooftop!

Or upright bike roof racks... which allow you to keep the front wheel on your bike.

The Bike Roof Rack features soft foam bumpers on the rack legs and are commonly manufactured from lightweight aluminum. And they are reputed to provide greater protection to the finish of your bicycle frame against scratch damage.

The majority of Bike Roof Racks, are designed to latch onto a factory-issued roof rack or your vehicle's pre-existing base rack system.

How the bicycle will physically attach to the roof, really just depends on the different manufacturer of your car bike carrier. Some models will expect you to remove the front tire and then to lock the frame into the roof-rack. With others you can leave the tire on.

A terrific feature of some Bike Roof Racks is that - using special adaptors - you can convert them into a multi-purpose rack to transport all your other sporting equipment / luggage.

Another benefit is that ... they keep your bikes out of the way!

The Bike Roof Rack is simple to remove when required. Just ensure you employ the assistance of a ladder ... and do not stand on your vehicle roof-top!

This style of car bike rack is a good option for toting about tandem and recumbent bicycles too.

Depending on the make and model of your Bike Roof Rack - some brands may offer the option of securing a roof-box onto your vehicle. The great benefit of the roof-box is - that they can house and protect your bikes from horrible weather/conditions - AND the roof box helps to prevent any damage that could have occured if your bicycle had been clamped upright on the car roof.

Bike Roof Racks Bike Roof Racks Bike Roof Racks

The Cons of Bike Roof Racks Are ...

An upright Bike Roof Rack is not very aerodynamic and put up a fair bit of wind resistance.

Under low-clearance bridges and tunnels they can prove to be hazardous if you have height issues.

Depending on the make and model you want, you may need to buy a mounting kit and affix a crossbar system onto your roof ... keeping in mind that each dfferent model will have different installation requirements.

Frequently there are more parts involved in a roof-mounted rack and as a consequence they tend to be more pricey than other bike racks.

You need to be strong or have help - to lift your bikes right up on top of your vehicle.

The Bike Roof Rack is lousy for cars that are garaged in places with low-ceilings.

Different Styles Of Car Bike Rack:


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