Different Types Of RV Bike Racks:

Bumper Mount RV Bike Racks

A Bumper Mounted RV bike rack A Bumper Mounted RV bike rack Bumpermounted rv bike racks

Features Of The ... Bumper-Mount Bicycle Rack

A Bumper Mount bike carrier is a bicycle storage system which is affixed to you bumper ... using either a bumper-mount receiver or a bolt-on receiver.

RV bumpers have a reputation for being badly welded and flimsy, so before you mount a bike rack using a receiver ... make sure you have a strong bumper which has been welded carefully and correctly.

RV bumpers aren't designed to be loaded with great weights so reinforce it with extra welding if you need to. This will help prevent your bumper, bouncing, warping and falling off!

Using a bolt-on receiver is perhaps a better option because this type of receive is bolted onto the ACTUAL frame of your RV rather than just to the bumper - making it a lot stronger.

The bolt-on receiver also has two other benefits:
Firstly you can mount it wherever you like on the RV frame - (above or below the bumper) - and you aren't just restricted to the bumper.
Secondly the width of the bolt-on receiver can be adjusted to accomodate different frame widths.


Your bumper is a bar which protects the front and rear ends of your RV against damage in the case of an accident ... caused by someone else of course!

Tow Bumper features

Different Types Of RV Bike Racks:


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