Cannondale Bicycles - A Brief History

The Birth of the Cannondale Brand

Cannondale Train Station in WiltonJoe Montgomery founded Cannondale - in 1971 - in a little shop above a pickle factory.

Joe named the company after his local train station: the Cannondale Metro North, in Wilton, Connecticut.

Initially Cannondale started out manufacturing bicycle trailers, backpacks and camping goods. The business was successful and gained a good reputation for quality and innovation
In fact, Cannondale was the first company to market the now increasingly popular bicycle trailer.

The First Cannondale Bicycles

In 1983 the first bicycle rolled off the production line.
It was a touring model. The release of the touring bicycle was quickly followed up the next year with the production of a mountain bike and road racing bicycle.

Cannondale Bicycles gained a reputation for being innovative and cutting edge with the introduction of their revolutionary handcrafted aluminum frames. They were light and more flex-resistant.

Since that time, they have branched out into producing high-end bikes and the company has become a major and successful sponsor in many different fields of professional cycling.

Cannondale Motorcycles

Cannondale MotorcycleIn the 1990's Cannondale faced a major hiccup when it made a brief and very unsuccessful foray into the world of off-road motorcycles.

This aborted venture has seen the Cannondale brand change hands several times in the last few decades.

Firstly, in 2003, it was saved from bankruptcy by Pegasus Capital Advisors
It was sold on again in 2008 to Canadian company - Dorel Industries.

Dorel Industries is a global company which has a stable of other major bicycle brands such as Schwinn Bicycles, Pacific, Dyno, GT Bicycles, Roadmaster and Mongoose Bikes.

Cannondale sold off its motorsports division and has now returned its core focus to producing high quality Bicycles and associated cycling gear, from its company headquarters in Bethel, Connecticut.

Cannondale Bicycle Models

Elite Road

    Cannondale Super Six Elite Road Bicycle
  • SuperSix Series
  • Six Series
  • CAAD9
  • CAAD8 S


    Cannondale Multisport Slice Bicycles
  • Slice Series

Performance Road

    Cannondale Performance Road Synapse Bicycle
  • Synapse Series


    Cannondale Cyclocross Bicycle
  • Cyclocross Series
  • Cyclocross Red


    Cannondale Moto Mountain Bicycle
  • MotoRZ One Forty
  • Marathon
  • RZ One Twenty
  • XC Racing
  • Scalpel
  • Hardtail
  • Flash Series

Urban and Recreation

    Cannondale Road Tandem Bicycle
  • Quick
  • Bad Boy
  • Hooligan
  • Capo
  • Tandem
  • Touring
  • Adventure
  • Comfort

Cannondale Bicycle Corporation - The Company Philosophy

We fight to be different... not for the sake of being different but for the sake of being the best.

For us, like you, it's the secure click of a cleat meeting its pedal.

It's the first pedal stroke with anticipation of a long ride churning within.

Its the first breath inhaled.

Cannondale Bicycle Company LogoIt's the precise moment just before reaching the apex of a long climb, and the exhilaration of conquering it.

It's the thrill of going down... fast.

It's finally getting through that technical section and then nailing it every time thereafter.

It's the "endo", the road rash, the challenge, the thrill.

It's staring at convention and then disrupting it all to create that unique, spectacular moment in time called your ride.

It's when you realize that between you and your bike, there is nothing you can not accomplish.


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Cannondale Bicycles Assembly

Andy Schiffer - demonstration manager for the company - takes the viewer on a video tour of the factory.

This is a really interesting video if you'd like an in depth look at how a bicycle is put together.

Serious about Bike Technology

Bicycle companies rely heavily on the publicity they build from their associations with professional athletes.

This video, presented by Cannondale Road Bike Product Manager, Murray Washburn, shows how seriously they think about the development of their products.

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