Christie Mary's Mountain Biking Tips

by Christie Mary

Mountain biking is such an invigorating, fun and exciting activity for one to engage in. At the same time, it can turn to be a tiring and stressful experience as it is quite dangerous and physically challenging especially to those that are riding uphill for the first time. Knowing the different strategies and tips of handling your bicycle is crucial in mountain climbing.

Here are some of the tips that can help ensure mountain biking is a fun and memorable experience.

Rocks Riding

Rocky terrain poses as a challenge to many mountain bike climbers. Most riders tend to shift the gears into an easier gear, however, this will make your movement much slower or you might end up unable to continue riding.

If you resist the urge to shift into an easier gear and instead downshift to a harder gear while pedaling with lots of strength, this will allow you to have smooth riding on the rocks. (It is quite tiring but much safer than easier gears.) Continue on an easier gear until the terrain allows you to shift into an easier gear.

Know when to sit and when to stand

The tendency of riders wanting to stand up in mountain biking is quite high as more strength and energy needs to be applied on the pedals, in order to propel the bike. But if you keep on standing you will get tired much first and run out of strength.

What you need to do here is, have your buttocks down leaning towards the back of the saddles while maintaining a strength and steadiness in order to maximize your energy. Stand when it is very necessary. This balancing of standing and sitting will also aid you in keeping good control of your bike and staying on track.

Whole foot pedaling

Whole foot pedaling is another best tip for fitting bike on mountains when riding on a flat surface. People tend to use more of football which is not the case in mountain biking. Here make good use of your heel plus the back of your foot to pedal as more strength is needed here. Those times, that standing is not an option, try make sure you use your whole leg power while being low on the inclines.

Sticking your derriere in the air

Sticking of derriere in the air is another important tip of bike fitting on the mountain. Here what you need to do is rotate the bicycle pelvis while riding with butt sticking out and behind. This is important, as it helps to open up the chest and ease strain of the back muscles. This should actually be your permanent biking position.

Also, you need to ease the weight and pressure off the hands, shoulders and neck by using your core and abdominal muscles for more support. This helps the bike to be on track and easily maneuverable.

This tips if followed to the latter will make successful adventurous journey and have a memorable experience while mountain biking during their vacations.

Author Bio:

Christie Mary is a Passionate blogger. She works on behalf of esta application. She has been writing contents on the web professionally since 2010. As an avid reader and blogger, she shares her experience through articles on Lifestyle, Well-Being, Travel and Leisure, Eco-friendly Travel, Events and Attractions across the world and many more.

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