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Colorado is renowned for being one of the best places in the USA for Mountain Biking and Trail Biking.

The state is also geared up for more relaxed bicycle touring - with extensive 'biking trail systems' that criss-cross through all number of Colorado's unique and varied ecosystems and its urban centers.

If you love scenic variety ... then a bicycle tour of Colorado is for you!

Colorado's vast natural assets are simply stunning ...

There are over fifty-four rugged mountain peaks in Colorado that stand at over 14,000 feet or 4,267 meters tall ... great for downhill biking but perhaps not so much on the way up!

Colorado also boasts ancient red rock formations, thick green forests, clear blue mountain lakes, golden grasslands, rolling emerald hills prairies and pretty valleys carpeted with colorful wildflowers.

What is most suprising however, is that Colorado also is home to the highest sand dunes in the whole of North America!

Many of the Colorado bicycle tours that are available, will take you through some of the fourty-two State parks and/or the five National parks ... you really are spoilt for choice.

Apart from the landscapes Colorado has fascinating archeological ecological and historical heritage for you to discover.

First thing you will need to decide before taking a bicycle tour of Colorado is 'What type of cycling do you want to do?' ... Hardcore or beginners mountain biking, trail riding or gentle bicycle touring?

Advanced Bike Trails

If it is mountain biking through rugged terrain that you desire - then try the Rocky Mountain region located in South-Western Colorado. Some of the most sort after mountain trails are found outside the towns of Gunnison, Telluride, Crested Butte and Durango.

The San Juan National Forest also provides excellent mountain biking opportunities.

In Summit County they cater for mountain bikers by providing a free Summit Stage bus service for both you and your bicycle ... and at Keystone, Copper Mountain, and Breckenridge to spare you having to hike up the mountain with your bike, there is a ski-lift service available.

Beginner Bike Trails

For beginner mountain bikers - Ute Valley Park in Colorado Springs is a great place to start. The landscape is beautiful - with gentle pastures, peaceful forests and interesting rock formations.

Another easy and pretty level route to cycle is the Pikes Peak Greenway in the Peaks Pike region. This terrific trail traverses into Monument Valley Park and finishes up at Dorchester Park.

Urban Colorado Bicycle Tours

For those of you wanting a bicycle tour of Colorado that passes through more urban areas there are a glut of great trails to try out.

In the state capital of Denver, there is the Denver Greenway Trail which takes in Chatfield State Park, winds it's way north alongside the South Platte River and up into the metropolis.

About 10 miles or 16km, southeast of the capital, is the beautiful Cherry Creek State Park. This park is approximately 3,900 acres of lovely gentle, sloping grasslands situated along the banks of Cherry Creek. This trail is a nice cruisy route - ideal for beginners.

Weather Watch

Colorado's weather varies widely across the state.


July is the warmest month with average highs of 77-88 degrees fahrenheit or 25-31 degrees celsius ...

And lows of 40-59 degrees fahrenheit or 4-15 degrees celsius


December is the coldest month with average highs of 31-43 degrees fahrenheit or minus 0.5-6 degrees celsius ...

And lows of 0-16 degrees fahrenheit or minus 16- minus 9 degrees celsius


The first signs of snow are usually September ... so if you are considering any Colorado bicycle tours then July - Auguust are your best months for cycling weather.

If you love mountain biking in the snow then there is plenty of opportunity year-round, because somewhere in the state of Colorado it will be snowing - except perhaps during the month of August.

The average snowfall on the Colorado mountain resorts 25 feet or 7.6 meters a year.

It not only snows as early as September but also as late as June ... and often as early as October, many roads are closed to all traffic.

Did You Know?

Colorado is blessed with an average 300 days of sunshine a year!


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