Custom Bike Building

by Gasser Customs
(North Hollywood, California, USA)

When you think about building your own motorcycle, you have got a few different options: build from a kit, or build a custom bike from scratch. If you're intimately familiar with motorcycles, you might be ready to build a bike using custom components. On the other hand, if you are still learning about motorcycles, you would probably benefit from using a kit.

If you want to own a custom motorcycle, but you are not quite sure how or where to start. There are several things to consider before you start on your journey for that original, unusual, or unique custom motorcycle. Time and knowledge are the main two factors that need to be considered. These two factors will not only affect your initial decision but will also dictate how your bike will turn out in the long run.


Do you have the time to do the customization/modification work on your bike yourself, or do you have the resources to have the work done for you. You will need a space that will allow you to accommodate the material needed for building the bike. If you plan on doing your own work, you will need to consider what tools you will need, where your work space will be located, how much help from like-minded friends you are likely to get, and your level and variety of skills. Last but not least, do you have the motivation and dedication to follow through once you've started creating your own custom motorcycle?


Building a motorcycle is much more intricate than simply throwing on some new fancy parts, especially if you're starting with a bike in which you may not be aware of what it's riding/maintenance history is. The internals of an engine, carbs, etc. are not to be take lightly and down the road things that may have been overlooked due to lack of knowledge could wind up causing major issues as well as more finances and again more time. To build a motorcycle you will need to be able to weld and deal with electrical components and have knowledge of how a safe and proper running motorcycle should ride, sound and look. You may have the time but without the proper knowledge your project could end up as an uncompleted one.

If you are looking for trained professionals for this job, Call Gasser Customs (213-437-6316).

Gasser Customs is known for their award winning one-of-a-kind custom bike creations, specializing in custom vintage motorcycles such as Triumph Thruxton, CB350, CB750, CB400, CB250, CB550, CB360, CB500.

New and unique custom parts are being added every week to the Gasser customs online store.

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