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Cyclocross Is An Exciting Winter Sport

It is a cycling race which is undertaken off-road - with the competitors racing against each other - across grasslands, through mud, over obstacles and uphill. Often the courses are so difficult and fraught the cyclists have to dismount and carry their bicycles up the steep slopes.

Obviously given the race conditions a regular road-racing bicycle would be completely ineffective ... so the cyclocross bike was designed specifically to suit the challenging environmental conditions.

The road bicycle form has been taken and adapted by giving it a much higher frame clearance - to prevent mud build up and rock damage. The tires are more like an MTB tire - wider and with better grip. And unlike the road bicycle the cyclocross bike has a much lower range of gears and different braking system.

Popular Manufacturers Of Cyclocross Bikes:

Aegis, Ahearn Cycles, Alan Products, Bianchi, Blue Competition Cycles, Brodie, Cannondale, Devinci, Fuji, Giant, Guerciotti, Jamis, Kona, Lemond, Motobecane, Norco, Opus, Raleigh, Redline, Ridley, Rock Lobster, Rocky Mountain, Schwinn, Scott, Serotta, Specialized, Stevens, Ti Cycles, Trek, Vanilla Bikes, Vicious Cycles, Zanconato Custom Cycles.


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