The Fixed Gear Bike versus The Track Bike ...

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Also Known As ... 'Fixies'

Are Track Bikes and Fixies the same?

Similiar - yes ... but definitely not the same.

Track bikes are extremely specialized bicycles. They are designed for racing in the controlled environment of a velodrome and because of this have NO brakes and only one fixed gear.

The track bike frame is lightweight, stiff and has a tight geometry for maximum speed and aerodynamics. It is super fast with lightening quick handling.

Fixies or fixed gear bicycles - like the track bike - have a drivetrain with only a single gear which is fixed to the rear wheel. This makes the fixie one of the most uncomplicated bicycles around because they don't have shifters, derailleurs or double- or triple-chainring cranksets.

This setup means however ... that once your Fixie is in motion you must continue pedalling and you can't coast along. You MUST keep pedalling.

Unlike the track bike the Fixie can have brakes if you want it to.

The frame of the Fixies is not as inflexible as that of the track bike frame because it needs to be able to cope with the uncontrolled environment of the streetscape.

Popular Manufacturers Of Fixies:

KHS, Bianchi, SE Bikes, Fixie Inc


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