Different Types Of Indoor Bicycle Training Stands:

Fluid Trainer - Best Resistance

A Fluid Trainer generates resistance for the cyclist, through the marriage of fluid chambers with a magnetic flywheel.

PROS Of The Fluid Trainer CONS Of The Fluid Trainer
  • Quiet.
  • Best resistance out of all the different varieties of bicycle trainers.
  • As speed increases so does your resistance - more like a real bike.
  • Reliable and have a good reputation.
  • Portable.
  • Provides a realistic feeling of coasting thanks to the large flywheel.
  • Excellent for seasoned athletes with big budgets, who can afford to buy quality.
  • Easy to set up.
  • A more expensive type of Bicycle Indoor Training Stand.
  • Prone to leaking fluid with intensive, sustained use.
  • More complicated mechanically.
  • There are limitations to the different levels of resistance that can be obtained.

Cyclops Fluid Indoor Stationary Bicycle TrainerHighly Recommended Fluid Trainer Manufacturers Are:

  • Saris CycleOps
  • Kinetic
  • Travel Trac
  • Elite

Setting Up A Fluid Stationary Bicycle Stand

James Demien has made this video in which he demonstrates the setting up and riding of his new fluid - 1UP USA - Indoor Bicycle Trainer...

Kurt Kinetic Indoor Bicycle Trainer

Again ... the content is great but beware the camera work is shaky ...

This video focuses on the Kurt Kinetic Indoor Bicycle Trainer...

Different Types Of Indoor Bicycle Training Stands:


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