Folding Bicycle - A Great Urban Option

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Folding Bikes Are Perfect For Commuting

A folding bicycle is - as the name suggests (suprise, suprise), a bicycle which folds up. WOW - bettcha didn't see that coming!

Why? I hear you ask. Well ... although folding bicycles may not be the best ride around they certainly are the most convienent.

Folding bikes are great for urban commuters who need to combine cycling with public transport. It is the perfect solution for undertaking a short to medium length journey of up to about 10 miles or 17km.

Folding bicycles are also a great option for people who have limited home storage space and also for holiday makers who want to take their bike away on vacation with them.

Your average folding bike is very light and compact. It has 20-inch or 50.8cm wheels on a small frame, which can fold in half. The handlebars and seatpost are generally adjustable and very often telescopic.

Depending on the sophistication and price tag of your folding bike - you will find that the more luxury models give you more gadgets and special features to assist with weight reduction, compactness and the folding time.

There is an alternative type of folding style bike called the Take-Down bicycle which is essentially a proper sized bicycle which splits in half and packs into a suitcase. It is much bigger and a lot less practical for commuters because of the size. Take-down bicycles are really more targeted at travellers who are planning on doing some cycle touring.

Popular Manufacturers Of Folding Bicycle:

Dahon, Breezer, Dynamic Bicycles, Belize, Brompton, Fubi, Gazelle, Giant, Gitane, Hercules, Melon, LucaBike, Mezzo, Mobiky, Onyerbike, Pashley-Moulton, Peregrine, Peugeot, Pinnacle, Raleigh, Ridgeback, Schwinn, Sette, Strida, Sun Bicycles, Utopia Velo, Ubike, Xootr, Zed Cycles, Zerobike


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