French Cycling Holidays - Exploring The Loire Valley Chateaux

by Mike - Guide from The Loire Valley, France
(French Cycling Holidays )

Amazing Sights of Chateux on this Bicycle Tour

Amazing Sights of Chateux on this Bicycle Tour

Amazing Sights of Chateux on this Bicycle Tour The Loire Valley Cycling Holiday Destinations Chateau de Chenonceax Riding Through Sunflowers - Langeais

A Relatively Easy Ride

This French Cycling holiday is predominantly flat, with just the odd ascent to make you feel you’ve earned your supper. Following the course of the rivers Loire and Cher, the roads are practically car-free, and many kilometres are covered on dedicated cycleways.

Beautiful French Chateaux

The Loire Valley upstream from Tours is the home of perhaps the most famous and beautiful of all of the Châteaux: Chenonceaux, with its graceful arches spanning the River Cher; Chambord set in the midst of Royal hunting forests and adorned with minarets, domes and towers; Amboise with its battlements and fluttering pennants dominating the Loire.

The tour takes in all of these châteaux and more, and in between you'll have the opportunity to ride through some of the most beautiful pastoral countryside that France has to offer - the intrigue and deception, politics and passions that shaped the history of France.

The Château de Blois, scene of one of the bloodiest massacres in the name of religious secularism , is a visit not to be missed, especially at night illuminated in a spectacular son et lumière.

History, Beauty, Fine Dining and More

All of this history and beauty (not to mention the pedalling) should stir the appetite and you won’t be disappointed; some of the region’s finest restaurants are included on our Loire Valley cycling tour, showcasing the specialities of the Touraine.

The Loire Valley bicycle tour of france showcases the very best of this fascinating region, and will be a cycling vacation you’ll never forget! Find Out More From French Cycling Holidays

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