Jet Black Fluid Trainer Review

by Liam Hallam
(CyclingFitness on HubPages)

Jet Black Fluid Trainer in action

Jet Black Fluid Trainer in action

When the winter is almost upon you and the nights are drawing in, you really just have two options if you want to continue riding your bike and cycling of an evening.

  1. Strap as many lights to your bike as possible to illuminate the road and look like a Christmas tree in the process
  2. Indoor cycling - Get on your turbo trainer in your garage or spare room in the warm and dry.

To keep things fresh you could do both which is why I purchased a Jet Black Fluid turbo trainer.

Jet Black Fluid Trainer Review

Resistance is provided by a simple sealed fluid unit which negates the need for cables and levers for adjustments as the resistance adjusts automatically while pedaling.

I had previously had a Tacx magnetic turbo trainer and decided that I'd like to try a fluid style trainer which negates the need for resistance levers.

My LBS (local bike shop) had just started stocking Jet Black products and offered me a very good deal in exchange for some product feedback.

Resistance is from 0 to 900 watts and is proportional to pedalling speed. As an example you need to pedal around 40 km/hour to generate 300 watts of resistance.

The unit itself offers a very straightforward workout which negate the need to regularly adjust resistance levels. It can provide anyone a good workout. I particularly find the fluid unit is good for steady state efforts.

When working on speed and turbo trainer workouts for power the metal roller tends to slip slightly under pressure, especially when you are out of the saddle. I don't use a specific turbo trainer tyre, however, in the past have found these to be much worse for tyre slippage.

In all - a good budget fluid trainer for the price of a mid range magnetic unit.

Liam Hallam

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