Different Recumbent Types:

Low Racer

a.k.a LoRacer


Low Racers Are Generally ...

    Low Racer Raptobike Recumbent Bicycle
  • Very Fast. Ideal for high speed track events like a 200 meter sprint.
  • Extremely aerodynamic.
  • Fabulous on gentle slopes or flat landscapes.


Low Racers Are Generally ...

    2008 Greenspeed Tandem Recumbent Trike
  • Reclined at an extreme angle which makes them much harder to learn on.
  • Difficult not only to stop but also to start!
  • So low to the ground that they are dangerous in high density traffic areas.
  • Not a great city commuter bike
  • Constructed with heavy and complicated frames.
  • Designed with an inefficient, twisted chain line.
  • Hard work and fairly slow on hillclimbs.
  • Have a small margin for steering curves due to the narrow steering bar and the chain's close positioning to the front wheel.
  • Limited in their steering by the proximity of the cyclists legs to the wheels.


Pedals: The Low Racer pedals are usually IN FRONT of the front wheel.

Tires: Small rear and front tires.

Some LowRacer Bike Models:

Barcroftand: Oregon
Lightening: U-2
Challenge:Suspension, Fujin SL I, Fujin SL II, Taifun, Jester, NME Ultra Lowracer
Walter Zorn:Kreuzotter V5
Optima:Baron, X-Low, Cobra
M5: Titanium Low Racer, Carbon Low Racer
Velokraft: NoCom (No Compromise)

Different Recumbent Types:


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