Different Recumbent Types:

Mid Racer Recumbent Bicycles


Mid Racers Are Generally ...

    RANS Mid Racer 'Xstream' Recumbent Bicycle
  • Fast.
  • Have better visibility in traffic due to higher positioning but a low enough profile to reduce drag.
  • Aerodynamic.
  • Smooth and comfortable for endurance riding and hillclimbs.
  • Easy to mount and dismount.


Mid Racers Are Generally ...

  • Not as fast as some High Racers
  • Prone to low speed handling issues.


Wheelbase: The Mid Racer wheelbase is in the vicinity of 47 - 69 inches or 1,193.8 - 1,752.6 mm long.

Some Mid Racer Bike Models:

ActionBent: Mustang,
Rans: X-Stream,
Fujin: Tour
Challenge: Hurricane 2009, Furai

Different Recumbent Types:


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