Motivational Mountain Bike Tours - Amsterdam

by Daryl H.
(Amsterdam / Nord-Holland, Netherlands)

Ferry port

Ferry port

Ferry port Motivational tour 'hot shop' meeting Windmill / Brewery

This is the original Motivational Mountain Bike Tour ... It takes you places the locals go andwill uplift you with fun and happy people.

We give you an intro into positive-attitude development. We go over the basics of how to get ahead in your career, job search or new business using positive actions and attitudes to get ahead of the game.

We talk around the group to see what your goals are and how YOU can you tune your attitude to determine your altitude.

Your Bike Tour Guide ...

The Motivational Tour Lead Guide has 20+ years of sales and motivational coaching experience in 13 countries and 5 languages. He makes it is a fun, interactive tour where we meet everyone and you can even stay in touch with your former tourmates via the social network /blog You can also keep abreast of motivational updates to keep you at the top of your professional game.

About The Motivational Mountain Bike Tour

The tour starts where you meet-and-greet everyone, talk about your experiences...and then get in tune with your mountain bike!

We then take a breathtaking, open-air ferry across the harbor to NDSM (the docks on the west side of the harbor).

Here, life slows down a notch and we can enjoy wide panoramas, sparse traffic and fresh air. As you do.

We then cruise at our leisure around the area to end up in a transparent, dome-shaped building to enjoy refreshments, original Dutch cooking, a game of pool, or to just look out over the water.

After we return on the docks we can continue the tour to the docksides and the canals.

The tour ends in the legendary windmill / lighthouse where you can enjoy one of the amazing brews produced here.

One beer is all you need. We let you enjoy the view and the snacks and get to know your fellow bikers

We then bid you a fond "Aloha" and give you the tools to how you how Aloha Spirit combined with the positive attitude towards dealing with people helps you get ahead

This helps you bear the adversities life throws at us; or as Shakespere said "...the thousand natural shocks the flesh is heir to".

We give you a certificate of successful completion of our "turn your dreams into reality" cycling team.

There is no I in team :)

Where To Start?

Tours start at 12:00 noon near Dam Square. please come 10 min early. Mountain bike rental is included in the price for the duration of the tour.


You must leave a valid ID with the bike rental company during the tour or a 300 euro deposit. We do not administer neither deposit nor your ID

during the tour this is done thru the local mountain bike rental

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