Choosing A Mountain Bike

The MTB Is Tough And Resilient ...

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Also Known As 'MTB' or 'All Terrain Bike' or 'ATB'

Mountain bicycles take a pounding over all that rough terrain they cover so their frames need to be strong - and capable of withstanding hard, steep hillclimbs.

They also need lots of space for mud and rock clearance ... and let's not forget a great suspension system so that your teeth don't rattle on some of the more rough and hair-raising downhill trails!

When you tackle those downhill mountain trails you are going to need a bicycle that has ... lots of gears, knobbly fat tires - to give the wheels good grip, suspension forks - to soften the bumbs, terrific brakes, rear suspension and strong straight handlebars for manouvering your MTB.

There are generally four different classifications of Mountain bikes and they are ...

  • Downhill
  • Freeride
  • Cross Country
  • Recreational

Popular Manufacturers Of MTB's:

Haro, Specialized, Ellsworth, Mongoose, Gary Fisher, Cannondale, Giant, GT, Trek, Norco, Shimano, Santa Cruz and Marin.


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