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The 'Ultimate' Mountain Biking Experience

Mountain biking in France is an AMAZING cycling experience.

The French Alps offer a veritable feast of MTB trails through some of the most breathtaking alpine scenery on the planet.

Picture ... cows grazing in lush, emerald pastures. Craggy snow covered mountain peaks with glaciers spilling down the slopes. Pure, clear mountain streams. Flower blanketed valleys and rustic old mountain chalets nestled into this stunning natural landscape.

The terrain in the French Alps is mountainous and rugged so if you are mountain biking in the Alps then you can expect ... hard, long ascents, technical and challenging downhills, difficult (and some easier) singletracks, strenuous cross country rides, undemanding jeep trails, rocky stream crossings, heart-thumping mountain trails with acute drops to one side, and blind corners thrown in- just to really get your adreneline pumping.

In France there really is something for everyone with MTB trails that will suit EVERY different level of riding skill - from the most hardcore to the more inexperienced mountain bike riders.

Some of the most popular mountain biking trails are located in the Alps including the world renowned - Chamonix, Morzine, Grand Massif, Les Gets and Portes du Soleil.

There are gondolas / lifts which will take cyclists to the upper regions of the French Alps so those MTB'ers who are hardcore and adventurous can have the 'ultimate experience' of mountain biking France. If you go in winter there will be snow and ice to contend with so snow tires are an absolute must.

There are a number of MTB tour operators who run mountain biking adventures through the French Alps. It's a good idea to compare what they all offer, the level of support you are given (and require), and how experienced the individual guides are in that particular region.

Nothing beats mountain biking in a magnificent unspoilt landscape ESPECIALLY when at the end of a hard day's riding you can sit back and eat gorgeous french cuisine and drink fabulous french wines..


Weather Watch

The best time of year to go mountain biking in the French Alps is SUMMER - which in Europe is around June to September.

This is a beautiful time of year - with brisk nights and the days rarely peaking over 90 degrees fahrenheit or 32 degrees celsius.


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