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The MOTHER of all of Ohio bicycle tours, is the annual 'Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure' aka 'GOBA' .

GOBA has been running since 1989, and now attracts approximately 3000 cyclists to its week long event.

This immensely enjoyable bicycle tour of Ohio begins and finishes in the City of Norwalk, Huron County, Ohio - and it involves
riding across the northwest corner of Ohio.

The GOBA itinerary requires participants to cycle about 50 miles or 80.5km daily. There are scheduled stops at places of interest such as the Fostoria Glass Heritage Gallery and the Bowling Green Wind Turbine Farm .

At the end of each cycling day, riders can roll into a specially set up campsite - which is known as 'GOBAville'. Here they are able to freshen up, relax, and kick-back with the family entertainment which is provided nightly.

The Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure has a wonderful reputation as being the most family-oriented bicycle tour on the planet... so you can bring the whole tribe and be confident that there is something for everyone.

Considering GOBA is of a seven days duration, the cost is remarkably low - with prices around: $200 for adults; $85 for ages 6-15 and free for children younger than 5. This fee includes both your gear transfer and camping charges. There is also a discount available for early registration.

Of all the terrific Ohio bicycle tours available the 'Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure' is definitely one of the most popular, rumbustious and beloved. It is terrific fun, has a wonderful carnivalesque atmosphere that brings together cyclists from all walks (or should that be rides?), of life.

If such as massive tour doesn't sound like your 'cup of tea', then there are plenty of other self-guided or guided, Ohio bicycle tours available.

Check out our 'Weather Watch' below, to see the best time of year to undertake a bicycle tour of Ohio.

Popular Regions For Bicycle Tours of Ohio

There is a lot going on in Ohio. It is a state made up of many different cultures and ethnicities, landscapes and attractions.

Ohio has 174,000 acres of state parks, 1,100 miles or 1770km of hiking trails and better still, more than 100 wineries.

Ohio has a rich history including deep connections with the 'underground railway', aviation and rock n' roll.

Perhaps best known as a 'cultural melting pot', rural Ohio is home to the biggest Amish population in the USA; and in the cities there are specific ethnic 'pocket districts', such as Little Italy in Cleveland and German Village in Columbus.

The topography is general one of rolling hills and plains, smattered with plateaus, gorges, steep cliffs and lakeside beaches - which makes it a great place for an undemanding, relaxed bike tour.

The Lake Eire Plains

In the north of the state, Ohio shares a border with the banks of panoramic Lake Eire.

The lowlands surrounding this district are called the Lake Erie Plains, and make for pretty cruisy cycling. The area is very fertile, undulating and easy to travel.

The plains stretch south from Lake Eire, for approximately 10 miles or 16 km, and then extend out west for some 50 miles or 80.5km through the Maumee Valley.

Lake Erie Shoreline

Some of the most popular Ohio bicycle tours are the ones that snake their way around shoreline of beautiful Lake Erie The ride is 312 miles or 502 km in length, and stretches from Toledo in the west to Conneaut in the east.

The coastline is picturesque and changes dramatically as you travel from one side to the other. The western shores are hemmed by 10-18 ft or 3-5.5m bluffs made of clay. The eastern shores are edged with sandy lakeside beaches.

The Till Plains

Western Ohio's, Till Plains are amongst the most fertile in all of America, and form part of the area known as the 'Corn Belt' - or more recently, due to diversification - the 'Feed Grains and Livestock Belt'.

This rolling, hilly landscape is a major hub of agricultural activity and commercial farming, and is a pleasure to cycle.

If you want to include some 'hill climbing' on your bicycle tour of Ohio then you can always tackle Campbell Hill in Logan County. This hill stands at 1,550 feet or 457m above sea level and is actually the tallest peak in Ohio.

It is a great downhill run from there to Ohio's lowest point- at the Ohio River - in the south-west corner of the state.

The Appalachian Plateau

Eastern Ohio is known for its magnificent scenery, and home to the Appalachian / Allegheny Plateaus. Be aware however that because of this mountainous terrain some Ohio bicycle tours that are run out of this region will be much more challenging and difficult.

The southern two thirds of the Appalachian Plateau is the steepest area in all of Ohio. It comprises lots of precipitous hills and valleys. The northern third of the Plateau is an easier ride - over rolling hills and valleys.

Amish Country

Central Ohio boasts the largest community of Amish people, in the world ... and a bicycle tour of Ohio would be incomplete without a trip to see and experience, first-hand, this unique and fascinating culture.

The countryside in this region is as pretty as a picture - with horse drawn buggies clopping along the roads and lush green farms scattered across the landscape. It is even possible to visit an Amish farm and partake of some delicious homemade foods.

If you want to squeeze in a bit of retail therapy on your trip then the towns of Berlin, Millersburg and Walnut Creek are bursting with gorgeous handmade quilts, furniture and artworks.

The Bluegrass Region

Southern Ohio is home to the 'Bluegrass region' - which is a small triangular area of relatively infertile land, located just north of the Kentucky state border.

The landscape is hilly and gently rolling - which makes for undemanding cycling - even if it is not as lush and pretty as the more northern areas.

Weather Watch- for Ohio Bicycle Tours

If you are undertaking a bicycle tour of Ohio it may pay to know that the Ohio State has a temperate climate - with warm, humid weather in the summer months and cool winters:

Ohio has an average rainfall of approximately 36.6 inches or 93 cm per year. More than half of the annual rainfall occurs between May to October.


July is the warmest month with average highs of 80-86 degrees fahrenheit or 26-30 degrees celsius.


January is the coldest month with average lows of 41-16 degrees fahrenheit or 5 to minus 9 degrees celsius.

Did You Know?

The name 'Ohio' means 'good river' or 'large river' - and is derived from an Iroquois Indian word.

The world's most extensive Amish community is based in Ohio.

Ohio is the only American state that has a flag which is not a rectangle.


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