Different Types Of Indoor Bicycle Training Stands:

Pivot Trainer - The Best Type of Indoor Bike Trainers?

The thinking behind the pivot trainer design, was to create something that closely mimics the natural feel of swaying from side to side.

Kinetic makes a model called the Rock 'n Roll Trainer and you can see a video of this in action below.

PROS Of The Pivot Trainer CONS Of The Pivot Trainer
  • Combines the stability and resistance of a stationary bicycle stand but has the feel of rollers with its more natural swaying.
  • The frame moves with the cyclist in a more 'realistic' motion particularly on simulated hill climbs where you stand up.
  • Some models come with a unconditional lfetime warranty on the frame and resistance unit .
  • Can accomodate most size riders.
  • Less wear and easier on your bike frame.
  • Expensive.

Rock n Roll Pivot Indoor Stationary Bicycle StandA Highly Recommended Manufacturer Is:

  • Kinetic

The Kurt Kinetic Rock 'n Roll Pivot Trainer Commercial

It's a nicely produced ad. Skip through the first 40 seconds to see the trainer being used.
(Your can also write your own review here.)

Different Types Of Indoor Bicycle Training Stands:


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