Different Types Of Indoor Bicycle Training Stands:

Rim Trainer - aka Rim Drive Trainer

A Rim Trainer operates with two wheels that run on the tire rim - this propels a belt attached to a magnetic resistance unit.

If you want an indoor trainer for a mountain bike, then the rim drive is probably your best bet.

PROS Of The Rim Trainer CONS Of The Rim Trainer
  • Kinder on tire tread as the wheel rim and don't come in contact with the tire rubber.
  • Great for MTB cyclists because there is no need to change the back wheel from knobby to slick.
  • Stable.
  • Fairly easy to set up, take down and move.
  • Quiet.
  • Some models come with a unconditional lifetime warranty on the frame and resistance unit .
  • Can be tricky to setup.
  • Not ideal for small disk rims.

Rim Drive Indoor Stationary Bicycle StandHighly Recommended Rim Trainer Manufacturer Is:

  • Minoura

Minoura RDA 80 - Rim Drive Trainer Demonstration

Here's a very basic video that gives you a good idea about how they can work using a mountain bike.

Different Types Of Indoor Bicycle Training Stands:


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