The Road Bicycle
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Also Known As: Racing Bikes

Need to know how to buy a good road bicycle? Not sure what to look for?

Well, there are generally three different styles of road bike. These are the Performance racing bike, the Recreational bicycle and Flat Bar bike.

All of these bicycles are designed to be as light, responsive and as aerodynamic as possible. This means that they are built using extremely lightweight frames and have drop handlebars to place the cyclist in the most aerodynamic riding position possible.

Depending on the price tag, the frames and forks might be made with lightweight alloy or carbon (ie performance bicycles) ... or aluminum frames with carbon forks (ie a mid range recreational road bicycle).

The front and back tires of the racing bike, are positioned closely together so the bike has really quick handling. The tires are also very skinny so that there is less road surface contact (and thus resistance), enabling the road bike to go super fast.

Popular Manufacturers Of Road Bicycles:

Specialized, Bianchi, Scott, Schwinn, Raleigh, Fuji, Mongoose, Gary Fisher, Cannondale, Giant, GT, Trek, Klein, Jamis, Shimano, Rocky Mountain and Marin.


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