Seek Adventure in Mountain Cycling across the UK

by Maria Mcquire
(Manchester, United Kingdom)

Biking in UK

Biking in UK

Imagine all the beauty of the countryside rolling past, open air, gorgeous scenery and the freedom to just get on a bicycle and enjoy an adventure across some of the beautiful mountains that the U.K. has to offer. The wide open and fresh outdoors is waiting with exciting trails and holiday packages, as well as the ability to just get out there and go for it alone or with family and friends. Bicycling adventures are a wonderful source of exercise as well as an inexpensive hobby.

Family Holiday Packages

Whether near London or close to John O'Groats, Land's End and all across the UK, there are packages available for the dedicated cycler. Packages are available for longer holidays, day tours and self-guided pleasure rides with group rates for families or individuals. These packages include the bicycles and all the gear as add-ons or bring your own. Standard inclusions in packages for 5 days are:

  • Bed & Breakfast Accommodations. Upgrades available to luxury hotels.

  • Trails suited for all skill levels, even the youngest members of the family.

All bicycles and the equipment needed are provided.

Adventure Mountain Locations

Where are the best trails and rocky adventure destinations for the sport enthusiast?

Three of the finest points for bicyclers, ditching the uk driving licence and heading for adventure can be found at:

The Black Mountains, South Wales

Just north of Abergavenny, the Black Mountains offers some of the best in challenging terrain to test even the most skilled riders. With an abundance of loose rocky trails, boggy ground in places, high peaks and gentle rolling hills, it will stretch both the mind and body muscles of the rider.

Glentress, Scotland

Hailed as one of the top destinations for mountain bicycle riding in the UK, just about an hour from Edinburg, Glentress offers bikes for hire and has easy trails for families and beginners and beautiful scenery with far more exciting trails for the expert on red and black grade. Classes are available to improve skills as well a shop for parts when needed.

Calderdale, Yorkshire

Crossing the Pennines twice on a 47 mile trail of heart-racing excitement is what a true adventure entails when biking in the mountains of the UK. This experience will leave you breathless both literally and figuratively as you enjoy the beauty of the outdoors.

Adventure Bicyclist Clubs

There are over 1800 clubs for the biking enthusiast in the UK that specialize in various types of hobbyists. BMX, Mountain Bikers, on and Off Road Riders are examples of specific niches in the biking clubs, there are clubs for youth and more experienced levels. Finding a club locally is easy and there are many resources online for various skill levels and types of clubs.

Riding For Pleasure, Adventure & Exercise

No matter what your skill set, a love of riding and the great outdoors are beneficial to health, fitness and bonding with others that share the love of adventure. With the UK's rolling hills and beautiful mountain terrains there is such an abundance of locations to finesse every rider's skills, no matter their age, no matter their career. It is all about getting out there and just riding off into the sunset or sunrise.

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