Single Speed Bikes ...
Are Fast, Efficient And Easy To Maintain

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Also Known As: S.S Bikes

Single Speed Bicyclees can come in many different forms. There are S.S - cruisers, mountain bikes, road bicycles, kids bikes and BMX.

So what then is a single-speed bike - exactly?

Essentially it is a bicycle which has pedals, a single gear with a freewheel for coasting and either two brake levers or an internal coaster brake that activates when the pedals are thrust backwards.

Single Speed bikes are gaining increasing popularity for a number of different reasons:

Firstly they are excellent for training. The skills needed to ride a single-speed bike will provide a hard workout and improve your technique, efficiency, endurance and muscle strength.

At the same time because they have less mechanical components, these bikes are lighter and faster to cycle.

Without the weight of the drive train, the S.S is more efficient - with its chain running in a straight line instead of looping around through pulleys and the cassette.

Secondly - because there is no chain rings, gear cables, or cassette - maintenence of this bike is a breeze.

Single speed bicycles are also (generally), less expensive than geared bikes, are great fun to ride. They can undertake some very cool tricks which are impossible on other styles of bikes..

Best of all ... single-speed bicycles are beautifully simple. There are no complicated moving parts like shifters or derailleurs. It's just you, your bicycle and the open road.

Popular Manufacturers Of S.S Bikes:

Swobo, Schwinn, Merida, Felt, KHS, Yeah, Holstar, Surly.


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