Different Styles Of Car Bike Rack:

Specialty Car Bike Racks

Specialty custom made bike rack

The Features Of ... Specialty Car Bike Racks

Not all car bike racks are suited to the average car.

By the same token not all cars will fit the average car bike rack.

Often unusual shaped cars - like the VW Beetle, Morris Minor, Mini Cooper and some beasty SUV's - can't accommodate the standard bicycle car racks.


Well ... you can commission a custom-made bike rack.

Or alternatively seek out a specialty car bike rack retailer. There are manufacturers who have created bicycle car racks for specific makes and models of unusual shaped cars.

If the problem is that - your bicycles are an unusual shape - then you will need to invest in a conversion bar accessory which will allow you to transport irregular shaped, non-horizontal bicycle frames - ie MTBs and women's bicycles.

For specialty bikes like tandems and recumbents - you probably need to source a specialist car bike rack manufacturer.

There aren't a huge amount around but we did come across the - The Long Bike Tote. It is designed to transport recumbents, tandems, normal bikes and recumbent tandems.

We haven't tried The Long Bike Tote and so can't comment on it ... however the manufacterers marketing page says that the rack can "be attached on any car fitted with a square hitch receiver... even your compact car or small SUV. Carrier folds down for easy trunk access."

Different Styles Of Car Bike Rack:


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