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To Ride Or Not To Ride A Tandem?
That is the Question

Tips For Tandem Cycling

Tandem bicycles are not everyone's cup of tea, especially if you are a lone wolf and like the solitude of cycling.

However ... for those more sociable creature amongst you, tandem cycling can be delightful, rewarding and immense fun. As well as - believe it or not - fast!

If you are thinking of taking the plunge and buying a tandem bike
then there are a few things you may need to know first:

Recumbent Tandem Bicycles

Some Good Reasons For Riding Tandem Bicycles ...

Still a little undecided about the benefits of tandem bicycles?
Well here are some of the BENEFITS in favour of riding a bicycle built for two ...

Sharing Quality Time With Lovers Or Friends

Tandem bicycle riding is a team sport that allows everyone to participate despite any differences in individual strength or ability.

Making Family Cycles Pleasurable Rather Than Stressful

Velodrome de Rennes Tandem Bicycle Poster Nothing gets more stressful and frustrating for parents who are keen to get out in the great outdoors and have a decent ride than being slowed down to a snail's pace by a kid who can't keep up! Tandem bicycling means no one needs to get left behind anymore.

Getting Up Some Serious Speed

Experienced tandem junkies are able to cover some serious distances at serious speeds.

Opening Up New Worlds

Tandem bicycles enable people with prohibitive disabilities to experience the sheer pleasure that cycling can bring.

If You Can Master A Regular Bicycle Then You Can Ride A Tandem

Anybody can learn how to ride a tandem bike. It doesn't require any special skill set, just a little extra knowledge.

Issues To Consider BEFORE You Buy A Tandem Bicycle

Tandem Bicycles
  • Make sure you do you own research.
  • Think realistically about how compatible you are with your intended co-rider.
  • Are you riding for recreation, touring or racing?
  • Do you want a diamond-frame (regular) tandem or a recumbent tandem?
  • Factor in your specific needs, wants and desired features.
  • Most importantly of all, if you just aren't sure, go in to a specialty bike shop and have a test ride BEFORE you buy a tandem.
  • Keep in mind that it will take a bit of practice to get use to this unfamiliar form of riding!

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