The Triathlon Bike - Designed For Speed

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Also known As: Tri Bike or Time Trial Bikes

Triathlon bikes are a cousin to the performance road bike. There are lots of similarities - like being highly geared for aerodynamic riding - but there are also a number of differences as well ... which make this bike perfect for triathletes.

The triathlon bike frame is extremely lightweight and is designed to position the cyclist right forward over special tri-bar handlebars - simulating the crouch stance of a downhill skier.

Unlike the downhill skier, however, the triathlon bike is only suited to smooth, flat and straight terrain.

Aerodynamics has been the focus of every single design feature on the tri bike - from the deep-rimmed wheels which slice efficiently through the air - to the uniquely shaped tear-drop tubing - which has been based on the design of an aircraft wing.

Popular Manufacturers Of Triathlon Bikes:

Aegis, Argon, Basso Konos, BH Global Concept, Blue, BMC, Bottechia, BP Stealth, Canyon, Cervelo, Colnago, Co-Motion, Divinci, Crestone, Dolan, Eddy Merckx, Elite, Felt, Griffen, Grognard, Guerciotti, Guru, Javelin, K2, Kestral, KHS, Kuota, Leader, LeMond, Litespeed, Look, Bianchi, Fuji, Jamis, Lynskey, Marin, Marinoni, Masi, Merida, Norco, Motobecane, Omega, Orbea, ParkPre, Parlee, Pedal Force, Pinarello, Quintana, Ridley, Rocky Mountain, Schwinn, Scott, Serotta, Specialized, Storck, Trek, Valdora, Van Dessel, Veloforma, Willier.


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