Different Styles Of Car Bike Rack:

Truck Bike Racks

Truck-bed bike rack Truck-bed bike rack Truck-bed bike rack

The Features Of A Truck Bike Rack

Truck Bike Racks are perfect for space-saving and protecting your truck and bikes from scrapes, scratches and robbers - which does tend to happen when you just throw your bikes unsecured in the back of the pick-up truck.

There Are A Couple Of Different Truck Bike Rack Designs To Choose From ....

One style requires you to remove the bicycle's front tire so that you can then lock the frame into the rack.

Another style of truck bike rack allows you to simply - place your front bicycle tire into a framed groove ... kind of like a 'mini-me' version of a sidewalk bicycle rack - which has been bolted to your pick-up truck's floor.

A third attaches to the side of the pick-up and clamps onto the bicycle frame. With this design the wheels also remain on.

The fourth type of truck bike rack has a platform onto which bikes - and other luggage are secured - and the platform is then suspended over the tray of the pick-up truck.

Generally the installation of truck-bed racks is fairly simple although be aware that some models may require you to drill into the floor of your vehicle.

If you don't like this idea then there are designs available which still allow you to keep both your tires on and which don't require any drilling.

Truck-bed bike racks aren't as effective for use in a shell. They really need to be fitted on a flat surface. They are also better suited to wider truck-beds because of space considerations.

The Major Benefits Of Truck Bike Racks Are That:

  • Your bicycles are quickly and easily stored - and released from the brackets.
  • You can transport multiple bicycles at the same time
  • You truck and bikes are secured and protected against damage.
  • Depending on the make and model - you can buy truck bike racks with built in locking mechanisms to guard against the theft of your bicycles.

Different Styles Of Car Bike Rack:


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