Different Styles Of Car Bike Rack:

Trunk Bike Rack

rear mounted car bike rack Clip on  Mounted rear mounted car bike rack Clip on Hi Mounted rear mounted car bike rack

AKA - Rear Mounted Bike Racks ... aka Car-Boot Racks ... aka Clip On Bike Racks

The Features Of The Trunk Bike Rack

What do you do if your car isn't set up for a trailer hitch bike rack? ...
Doesn't have an extra wheel for a spare tire carrier? ...
Lacks any crossbars for a roof mounted carrier? ...

Well as long as you have a trunk (aka car-boot) on your vehicle then you can still transport your bikes using a trunk bike rack..

This nifty little rack design is versatile and will fit a huge range of different styled vehicles from ... SUVs and hatchbacks to sedans and minivans.

Better still they are relatively inexpensive compared to their more permanent rack 'cousins'.

Trunk bike racks come in three different styles ... so carefully research the type which will best suit your car and your lifestyle needs.

The Trunk Bike Rack System Works By:

  • Utilising a set of adjustable nylon straps to secure the bikes in place. Make sure these straps are always firmly in place and check them regularly.
  • The nylon straps are attached to either ... the top of the trunk lid - beneath the trunk lid or bumper - and occasionally onto the edges of the trunk lid.

The Pros Of The Trunk Bike Rack Are ...

The Trunk bike rack is easy to use and just as easy to access.

Some racks will have special features such as the ability to fold-down or swing-away when you need get access into the trunk - and don't want to have to remove all your bikes!

Trunk bike racks are a better choice for situations when you need to park your car in a garage or for low-ceiling parking space. They are also portable and simple to store.

Last but not least ... you won't need to be superman to lift the bikes because - when mounting the bicycles they only need to be raised up to waist-height.

The Cons Of Trunk Bike Racks Are ...

Because they are not designed for permanent use and are easily removable - this also means they are easily stolen. You will need to invest in additional cables and locks for extra security.

With your basic model, which doesn't offer any whizz-bang extras - you will have suffer the pain of removing all your bikes and the rack if you need to access the contents of your trunk / car-boot.

If you need to transport multiple forms of sporting equipment then the rear mounted bike rack isn't for you. These systems are designed to transport a single form of equipment.

There can also be issues with scratching of your vehicle's paintwork resulting from the rack resting up against the trunk. Damage may also occur from the bikes being strapped on closely together. You can take preventative steps to avoid this issue by inserting foam pipe insulation or foam blocks between your bicycles ... however this is another added expense.

If your car is dirty when you attach the rear-mounted rack then your paintwork can get scratched from the rubbing and friction caused between the rack and the dirt particles.

Generally this is not the most ideal form of transporting bikes -
You will get what you pay for ... so don't expect much if you don't pay much!!

Different Styles Of Car Bike Rack:


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