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Bicycle Touring In The 'Green Mountain' Region

Vermont is a perfect spot for bicycle touring.

The landscape is breathtaking. There are soaring mountains, crystal clear streams, rolling pastures, pictureseque hamlets, exquisite forests and and an abundance of pretty lakes.

Each season brings it's own special beauty ... from the glorious

colored palette of the fall foliage, to the icy blues of the mid winter mountains and the lush green carpets of spring.

It is really an inspiring place for a cycling tour.

The community of Vermont are friendly, hospitable and extremely proud of their wonderful natural environment.

The region is incredibly 'bike friendly' and very much geared up towards facilitating outdoor adventures.

There is a whole gamut of different bicycle tours which proffer trips of varying difficulty - so if you want hard steep climbs or easy, relaxed days cruising - there are choices!

Having said that just remember, that Vermont - especially Central Vermont - can be hilly, so to maximise the enjoyment of your bicycle tour you need to be reasonably fit.

Pretty much all of the Vermont bicycle tours available will, not only take you through this stunning landscape, but will also introduce you to the best of what the charming villages on route, have to offer - and that is a lot ...

Vermont is renowned for its sweet maple syrups, fresh farmers markets, talented artisan and artists, mouthwatering cheeses and classic architecture.

Weather Watch

Vermont's weather is changeable and unpredictable.

Generally the nights are cool even in the hotter months.


July is the warmest month with average highs of 81 degrees fahrenheit or 27 degrees celsius ...

And lows of 55 degrees fahrenheit or 12.7 degrees celsius


January is the coldest month with average highs of 27 degrees fahrenheit or -2.7 degrees celsius ...

And lows of 4 degrees fahrenheit or -15.5 degrees celsius


The most reliably 'snow-free' months are June until September ... so if you are considering any of the Vermont bicycle tours then this is probably the optimal time to go - unless of course you enjoy cycling in the snow.

The average snowfall in Vermont is about 9 feet or 2.7 meters a year. Generally the total snow-dump is a result of less than half a dozen massive storms.

Did You Know?

The name 'Vermont' comes from the french words: Vert meaning green and Mont meaning mountains ... hence Vermont being known as 'The Green Mountains'.

Vermont has more than 400 lakes and ponds and is home to the sixth largest body of water in the United States - Lake Champlain.


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