Different Types Of Indoor Bicycle Training Stands:

Virtual Reality Trainer

A Virtual Reality trainer is a sophisticated cycling simulator.

Your back tire is placed on a motorized roller. Your front wheel is slotted into a frame endowed with hi-tech steering sensors.

The entire system is then hooked up to a computer programmed with virtual reality software.

When you cycle your way through the virtual environment, the computer will respond accordingly.
For example, if you were to (virtually) cycle uphill, then the bicycle trainer will make pedalling much harder to mimic real conditions.

Tacx makes one of these, and you can watch a cool video demonstration below.

PROS Of The Virtual Reality Trainer CONS Of The Virtual Reality Trainer
  • Keeps indoor training interesting.
  • Can be adjusted to accomodate most standard road bikes and MTBs.
  • Fairly quiet.
  • Will measure your speed, distance, cadence, power output, heart rate, pedal stroke etc.
  • Can give instructive training feedback.
  • Some virtual reality trainers can upload your own digital maps of real bike routes.
  • Adjusts cycling difficulty to match your 'virtual' environment conditions. .
  • With some models you can race against the times 'pre-recorded' by champion cyclists, challenge friends who operate on the same system or alternatively you can just try to better your own 'best' time!
  • Expensive.
  • Requires the additional purchase of a a computer monitor and also an up-to-date graphics card, (if you don't already have them).
  • MTB knobby tires can vibrate and clatter making it extremely noisy.
  • Addictive - can prevent you actually getting outoors to ride!

CompuTrainer Bicycle Indoor Training  StandA Highly Recommended Manufacturer Is:

  • Tacx Fortius

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The Gift of a Bicycle Indoor Training Stand ...

Do you have a hard-core cycling junkie, dwelling in your midst? Can never think of a great present for them?

How about a virtual reality indoor bicycle stand?

Take a look at this amazing one from Tacx. It is very cool ...

Different Types Of Indoor Bicycle Training Stands:


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