An Interactive Guide to Camping at the Tour de France

by Hollie Mantle
(London, UK)

This year the 101st Tour de France will kick off in Leeds on Saturday 5th July, offering cyclists and spectators from all over the country the chance to explore the UK’s oft-overlooked northern dales.

In Yorkshire, preparations are full steam ahead. To show off exactly what’s on offer up north, the counties are exhibiting landscape aerial artworks with giant images carved into the hillsides, using only the grinding power of cyclist’s wheels. Street parties, celebrations and concerts are also lined up to welcome the great race to the north, and local businesses are already starting to see the economic benefits of hosting an international sporting event.

This year the tour is expected to bring in a haul of over 2 million spectators, and with everyone vying for a space to rest their heads at night, ‘open’ signs are quickly being flipped to ‘closed’ outside hotels and B&Bs in the surrounding areas.

There is, however, an alternative, with camp-sites in prime locations along the route offering spaces to pitch up and camp down. While "dossing it" might not be everyone's cup of tea, from the perspective of a cycling fan its difficult to question the benefits this style of accommodation can provide. Many camp-sites are located at points where route one and route two cross, meaning that campers will be only a short walk away from a great view on both days of the Yorkshire stages. Avoiding the crowds at official viewing areas will also be a blessing, especially for those who have young families.

Camping spots are filling up fast, so Salop Leisure, a leading UK caravan dealership, has created this interactive map which details the best camping and caravanning spots in prime locations along the route. Many of these are hidden gems, and all will ensure that you get a great spectator seat right nest to the action. Zoom in to take a look at the routes, and click on the green tent icons to display the address, contact information and website of the camp-site you clicked. Many of the listings also include a picture of the area, so be be sure to browse around to find the perfect spot.

Happy camping!

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