A Bicycle Dog Carrier - The Options

Buying A Bike Pet Carrier or Trailer

Using A Bicycle Dog Carrier or Trailer is the safest, and most sensible way for you and your dog to cycle together.

Bike dog carriers can attach to the front, back, side or tag-along behind your bicycle, and the levels of luxury vary immensely.

There are so many different styles and setups that you really need to do your research before you make a choice about what will suit you and your canine companion.

Below is a detailed CHECKLIST of some of the issues you may need to consider when making a decision. Things such as ...

    Vintage Saturday Evening Post 1945 - bicycle dog carrier
  • Comfort Level
  • Ease Of Attachment
  • Size And Weight Of Your Dog
  • Personality Suitablity
  • Safety On A Bicycle Dog Carrier
  • Accessories

Buying A Bicycle Dog Carrier ...
Your Checklist

Comfort Level

This really is a very personal choice and up to you to decide if you have a pampered pooch who needs padded comfort or if your dog is down to earth and needs a more basic kind of basket.

There are pros and cons for both ...

Soft Carriers

Scotty in soft bicycle dog carrierSoft bicycle dog carrierTrailer bicycle dog carrier

Soft lined carriers with material components are more comfortable and will soften the bumps for your dog when your ride.

However, they will smell if your dog gets dirty or wet, so make sure you purchase a bicycle dog carrier or trailer that you can easily clean.

Hard Carriers

Wicker basket bicycle dog carrierwicker basket hard bicycle dog carrier

Woven or wire baskets are obviously less comfortable ...

But have the big advantage of not getting as STINKY and being easier to wipe down.

Ease Of Attachment

You may not always want to travel with your dog and so it is important to examine just how easy it will be to attach and detach your dog carrier.

You don't want to be stuck with something which is a pain in the neck, to manhandle!

At the same time it needs to lock securely and easily to your bicycle frame.

Your Dog Bicycle Carrier preferable should be lightweight BUT still stable.

dog bicycle trailer 2 Soft bicycle dog carrier

Size And Weight Of Your Dog

Golden Retriever in Bicycle Dog Trailer Puppy on Bicycle Dog Carrier

Small dogs can ride in a dog carrier located just about anywhere.

However, large dogs will need to ride in a canine trailer or side-car.

The average bicycle dog carrier that attaches to the front or rear of the bicycle will only accomodate dogs weighing up to 20-24 pounds or 9-10.5 kg.

So weigh your dog before making a purchase!!


Dog sitting on scalesIf your dog won't co-operate and stand on the scales, then just ...

  • Weigh yourself first and then ...
  • Weigh yourself holding your pup.
  • The difference will be their weight.

DON'T try and stuff an oversized dog into an undersized carrier ... or you are just asking for trouble.
It will not only be uncomfortable but can also be dangerous and throw your bicycle off balance!

Personality Suitablity

Cruising dog with glassesActive dog

It doesn't matter how much you love your dog you need to be REALISTIC about whether its temperment is suited to riding in a dog bicycle carrier.

Some dogs just won't enjoy being restricted and inactive.

Even for dogs with the right type of personality for cycling, it will take some getting used to. The younger you start them the better.

Introduce The Idea Of Riding In The Pet Carrier In Stages.

  1. Let your dog just sit in the carrier when it is unattached and on the ground.
  2. Once they are familiar with the carrier put them in it on a stationary bicycle.
  3. When you feel they are confident enough take them out for a little spin.
  4. Be patient and kind.

Oh yeah ... and bribery works a TREAT!!

Safety On A Bicycle Dog Carrier

Safety Dog in bicycle dog carrierMan giving his dog a piggy back

Again, depending on your personal choices, you might want to decide on what level of safety features you require from your bicycle dog carrier.

You might not require ANY.

Or at the other end on the scale you might want the WORKS ... seat belts, reflective lights, helmets and flags!!


Also remember not to leave your dog ALONE in the carrier; because ... strangely enough, they can't sit still and have a habit of toppling your bicycle over.

It's also probably best (in a safety and comfort sense ... although not in an adventure sense), to stick to smooth paved roads.


Last but not least, consider what accessories you may require from your dog carrier - things such as ...

  • sun and rain protection
  • storage compartments and pockets
  • removeable linings and cushions ... just to name a few!

Husky in trailer bicycle dog carrierRear rack bicycle dog carrier

Have Fun ...

Man with dog in bicycle dog trailer basket Man and his dog riding by the sea

Riding with your canine pal can be an immensely fun and enjoyable experience for both of you.

It is especially rewarding for your dog when he / she is too old to get out and about by themself anymore.

So if you DO decide to buy a bicycle dog carrier, then take the time to choose a model that meets all your requirements.

Enjoy your rides together.


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