Bicycle Repair Stand: Buying Guide

What Is A Bike Repair Stand?

Also Known As: Bicycle Workstand or Bicycle Maintenance Stand

Bike Workstand

A Bike Repair Stand is equipment designed to make your life MUCH easier when you need to repair or clean your bicycle.

It holds your bicycle in place and prevents it from tipping over whilst you work - which is always nice for both you AND your bike.

The bicycle workstand also frees up both your hands to work on your bike ie. changing tires, adjusting brakes and derailleurs, truing the wheels, cleaning the chain, cassette etc ... all that fun stuff!

If you are considering buying a bike workstand then check out our Bicycle Repair Stand Buying Guide.

Different Types of Bike Repair Stands


Bench Mounted Bike Repair Stand

Bench Mounted Bike Repair Stand

Foldable Bike Maintenance Stand

Folding Bike Repair Stand

Consumer Model Bike Repair Stands

Tacx Bike Repair Stand

Industrial Strength Workstands

Industrial Bike Repair Stand

Maintenance Stand with Wheel Truing

Workstand with Wheel Truing Bike Repair Stand

Bicycle Wheel Truing Stand

Wheel Truing Bike Repair Stand

Dual Purpose Bike Storage and Repair Stand

Dual Purpose Bike Repair & Storage Stands

Miniature Bike Repair Stand

Miniature Bike Repair Stand

Floor Anchored Bike Repair Stand

Anchor Based Bike Repair Stand

Wall Mounted Bike Repair Stand

Park Wall Mounted Bike Repair Stand

Clamp Mechanisms - For The Bicycle Repair Stand

There are a number of different types of clamp mechanisms for the bike repair stand. These include:

Spring-Loaded Clamps

Spring-Loaded Clamp Bike Repair StandSpring-Loaded clamps are the most conventional type of clamp and are very versatile.

They are designed to apply the enough pressure to your bike - to suspend it, without crushing the frame.

Just be aware that you have to go carefully - because it is not a foolproof mechanism and it is fesabile to clamp too hard and to do damage to your bicycle frame!

Screw-Down Clamps

Screw Clamp Bike Repair Stand

Screw-Down clamps work by steadily applying greater pressure to your bike frame until it is securely held in the position you want.

Screw-Down clamps are the next generation of repair stand clamps and allow for greater pressure control and flexibility.

The gradual screw-down mechanism means you can regulate and modify the clamp's pressure.

This type of clamp is terrific for use on most bicycles and are especially useful for road bikes with delicate frames.

Bottom-Bracket Mounts

Bottom Bracket Bike Repair Stand

The Bottom Bracket mount is designed to lift a bicycle frame without the use of any clamps.

It operates by supporting the bottom bracket of the bike - and is then secured to either the **fork dropouts or the **rear dropouts.

Bottom-Bracket Mounts are particularly suited to irregular shaped bikes - ie some MTBs that won't fit in a standard clamping mechanism.

They are also ideal for road bikes that are constructed with delicate and/or brittle frames ie. carbon, alloy, titanium etc.

Bike Dropouts**The Bicycle Dropout - aka - Drop out, Frame end, or Fork end - is a slot in a frame or fork where the axle of the wheel is attached.
Courtesy of Wikipedia

Bicycle Workstand Bases - For The Bicycle Repair Stand

When choosing the style of your new bike repair stand you should consider which base design is going to suit your needs.

There are a few things to keep in mind:

a) The heftier the stand - the more stable it will be - and the more vigorous the treatment it will tolerate - but it will be much less portable.

b) The lighter the stand - the more portable it will be - but it will be much less stable - and thus will tolerate much less applied force.

c) A folding stand - can be easily transported if it is light enough - it also saves space - but may be a pain to assemble and unassemble depending on the design.

d) A fixed stand - is always set up ready to use when you need it - but it isn't portable and can't be hidden away to save space.

e) A height-adjustable stand - allows you to customise the stand height to suit your stature - preventing physical discomfort during your bike maintenence session.

f) A tripod base - is versitile and can be used both indoors - and on unstable ground in the great outddoors.

g) A flat-foot base - is restricted to flat, stable surfaces - effectively eliminating itself from being used in situations where there is rough outdoor terrain.

Bicycle Repair Stand: Buying Guide


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