A Very Basic Bicycle Sizing Guide

Sizing and fitting a bike can be either extremely simple or exceptionally complicated, depending on how serious you are about cycling.

This Sizing Tips Video Below Covers The Basics ...

  • Adjust the bike seat height
  • Adjust the handlebars, and
  • Choose the correct bicycle frame size.

What is the Best Way to Get a Great Fit on a Bicycle?

Do you have some great tips for sizing or fitting a bike? Please let us know!

Bicycle Sizing Tips from the Experts

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Bicycle Buying Guide

Getting the Perfect Bicycle Fit

Mike "PC Mike" Wendland explains how his local bike shop staff spent 2 hours on custom fitting his new Trek road bicycle.

The video outlines the uses for different types of bicycles, including Mountain, Road, Comfort / Hybrid and Cruiser Bikes.

Bicycle Fitting for Speed

EnduranceFilms.com has produced this video where Rob Kaplan explains the how to fit a bike for riding at speed.

The rider demonstrating is Ryan Bolton, a US Olympic triathlete.