Different Recumbent Types:

CLWB Recumbent Bicycles

a.k.a Compact Long WheelBase


CLWB Recumbent Bicycles Are Generally ...

    Cannondale CLWB Recumbent Bicycle
  • Comfortable.
  • More stable and steady than SWB recumbents.
  • More compact then the LWB for storage purposes.
  • Less expensive.
  • Better maneouverability than the LWB
  • The best recumbent for urban purposes.
  • Designed to easily enable the legs to easily be put down on the road and to quickly take off again.
  • Easy to maneover at low speeds.
  • Safer at blind intersections due to the shortened wheelbase and increased visibility.
  • Fast at accelerating from a standstill.
  • Good cargo carriers under that high seat.
  • Often the lowest priced recumbents on he market.
  • Great for aspects of road safety as the cyclist is centered and balanced, with all their weight on the recumbent seat, learning their hands free for signaling.


CLWB Recumbent Bicycles Are Generally ...

    Maxarya Ray CLWB Recumbent Bicycles
  • Not as stable and steady as the LWB recumbents.
  • Slower
  • Not as maneouverable as the SWB recumbent.
  • Less stable in a high-torque start situation.


Wheelbase: The CLBW has a shorter frame length than the LWB. The wheelbase is commonly between 50 - 60 inches or 1,270 - 1,600.2 mm long.

Pedals: The pedals are positioned close BEHIND the front wheel. The seat is high over the small rear wheel.

Tires: Smaller than the LWBs.

Some CLWB Bike Models:

RANS: Tailwind, Cycle Genius CGX,
Maxarya: Ray 1-X
Sun: EZ-1 & EZ-1 Lite
Easy Racers: Javelin

Different Recumbent Types:


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