Not All Bikes Are Created Equal ... Especially The Cool Bikes

Lowrider Flame Chopper

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Why should anyone steal a watch when he could steal a bicycle?

~Flann O'Brien

What are the coolest types of bikes?

Tandem Bicycles

Cool Tandem Bicycle

Riding a bicycle built for two is a really pleasurable experience. However, it does take a bit of skill and practice.

If you are a newbie to tandem riding - here is all you will need to know about tandem bicycles to get you started.

We've included terms, tips and techniques.

And there's advice about how to buy a tandem bicycle, how to ride a tandem bicycle and most importantly how to stop and dismount a tandem bike!

Recumbent Bicycles

Cool Flevobike Recumbent Bicycle

Considering a recumbent bicycle? ... Don't actually know what a recumbent bike is?

Here we have all things recumbent - including the pros and cons of riding a bent bike as opposed to a wedgie or regular diamond frame bike.

There is also great info on the different styles of recumbent bicycles, how they work and links to some of the major recumbent bicycle manufacturers.

Trust me ... by the time you are finished absorbing this information you are going to feel like a recumbent bike expert!

Schwinn Electric Bicycle

Cool Schwinn Electric Tailwind Bicycle

Love the idea of riding an electric bicycle?

The electric bike with pedal assist is a great invention. It means you can go more places - faster - without the expense of petrol - nor the environmental damage that gas causes!

The Schwinn Electric Bicycle is one such hybrid creature.

We've taken a detailed look at the Schwinn Electric including the technical specs of the bike, what the reviewers say about it and things you need to consider if you are thinking of purchasing your own Schwinn Electric Bicycle.

Custom Chopper Bicycles

Cool Custom Chopper Bicycle

What can you say? Custom choppers are really cool bicycles.

Don't ever think of buying one if you're the shy retiring type. Cruise along the beachfront on one of these babies and heads will turn.

Motorized Bicycle

Cool Whizzer Motorized Bicycle

Who ever came up with the idea of attaching a chainsaw to a bicycle? Men in sheds ... that's who.

The internet abounds with ideas for attaching a weedeater or lawnmower motor to your mountain bike.

For the less, practically inclined, motorized bicycle conversion kits are also available commercially
(but is a bought one as cool?)

Chainless Bicycles

Dynamic Bicycles Shaft Drive Chainless Bicycle

Isn't it amazing how bicycle history repeats itself?

We started out with bicycles that had no chains, and here we are again in the 21st century bringing you ...

Drum roll please ...
The Chainless Bicycle!


Bugati Velocar - Cool bicycle.

OK, so maybe some of these aren't technically bicycles - they're tricycles or quadracycles - but how cool would it have been to have a velocar (also read velomobile or human powered vehicle - HPV) as a kid?

Vintage Schwinn Bicycles

Schwinn Sting Ray - Cool bicycle.

Ahh - those were the days ...

... When a Schwinn was a great bike.

But check the garage, because not only are antique and vintage Schwinn bicycles very cool - they can also be worth quite a bit of money when restored.

Schwinn Cruiser Bike

Schwinn Cruiser - Cool bicycle.

There's no doubting that the Cruiser bike is a classic, and the old Schwinn cruisers are gems.

Concept Bicycles

Concept Bicycles - Cool bicycle

Concept bicycles are the cycling equivalent of bicycle porn. The average cyclist isn't likely to ever have one, but they're great to look at.


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Cool Bicycles

Some Really Cool Bikes ...

Gareth Campbell from The Gadget Show checks out a really cool collection of custom bicycles made by Brent Curry, including a Couch Bike and a Treadmill Bike.

(Brent, if you can ever sell a Treadmill Bike you deserve a medal!)

Bicycle Poster - Couple riding a tandem

Going Deaf ...

A Cool Tandem Bicycle Joke

A tandem rider is stopped by a police car.

"What've I done, officer?" asks the rider.

"Perhaps you didn't notice sir, but your wife fell off your bike half a mile back . . ."

"Oh, thank God for that," says the rider ...

"I thought I'd gone deaf!"

hee! hee! hee!

Concept Bicycle Video ...

Some of the coolest bikes come from the imaginations of concept bicycle developers - Navitas, Everglide, Cube, Nulla, Izzy etc.