Different Recumbent Types:

High Racer Recumbent Bicycles

a.k.a HiRacer


High Racer Recumbent Bicycles Are Generally ...

    Optima High Racer 'Cougar' Recumbent Bicycles Bicycles
  • Very Fast.
  • Have better visibility profile in traffic due to higher positioning.
  • Very aerodynamic.
  • Fairly comfortable.
  • More manoeuvrable than the Lowracer.
  • Constructed with simple, lightweight frames.
  • Designed with a simple, straight chain line.


High Racer Recumbent Bicycles Are Generally ...

  • Difficult to start and stop at times.
  • Fitted with seating that is extremely reclined to make it more aerodynamic, (same as the Lowracer excepted positioned higher so the feet are over the front tires). This design makes it much more difficult to adjust to.


Wheelbase: The High Racer wheelbase is commonly between 38 - 50 inches or 965.2 - 1,270 mm long.

Seat Height: The seat is approx 25 inches or 635mm high.

Tires: Two large wheels. The tires tend to be approx 24-25.5 inches or 609.6 - 650mm.

Some High Racers Bike Models:

ActionBent: HiRacer, Attack,
Bacchetta: Giro 26, Giro 26 ATT, Strada, Corsa Corsa 24, Corsa S/S, Carbon Aero 2.0 and Ti Aero
RANS: Force 5, Force 5 Pro, Enduro
Volae: Club, Expedition and Sport.

Different Recumbent Types:


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