Different Recumbent Types:

Long WheelBase Recumbent Bicycles

a.k.a LWB or Long Rider


LWB Recumbent Bicycles Are Generally ...

    Linear LWB Recumbent Bicycle
  • Comfortable and have plenty of room for panniers and other luggage.
  • Suitable for many types of cycling- recreation, commuting, and touring.
  • Sit in a fairly upright position.
  • More stable and steady than SWB recumbents.
  • Easier for a beginner to learn to cycle.
  • Great for riding on a bicycle tours ... especially the LWBs with lower seats that are efficient at absorbing the road shock.
  • Less bumpy on irregular and rough terrain.
  • The larger wheels of the LWB tend to be lightly loaded, and consequently have a fairly long lifespan.
  • When the tires do need to be replaced their size is pretty common and can be easily sourced.
  • Steer independently and steadily.
  • Designed to easily enable the legs to easily be put down on the road.
  • Great for aspects of road safety as the cyclist is centered and balanced, with all their weight on the recumbent seat, learning their hands free for signaling.


LWB Recumbent Bicycles Are Generally ...

  • Much bulkier and more unwieldy than the Short Wheelbase recumbent - making storage or transportation more problematic.
  • The maneouverability and handling of the LBW is more difficult than on a SWB. Attempting 'U-Turns' can prove awkward.
  • Not as aerodynamic as other styles of recumbent..
  • Easy Tour LWB Recumbent Bicycles
  • Have suspension which is not as advanced as the other styles of recumbent bicycles.
  • More dangerous at a blind intersection. The cyclist's vision is hampered by being set far back along the length of the wheelbase. This forces the cyclist to venture farther out into a blind intersection to see what is coming.
  • Lower positioned and can inhibit the cyclists vision around bushes and stationary vehicles etc.
  • Awkward in situations that require low speed and precise manoeuvres in combination.


Wheelbase: The LWB frame is LONG - (suprise! suprise!). It is commonly 64 inches or 1,625 mm long.

Pedals: The pedals are positioned right BEHIND the front wheel and (usually), lower down.

Tires: LWBs generally are fitted with larger wheels.
The front tires: 20 inches or 508 mm.
The rear tires: 27.5 inches or 700mm

Some LWB Bike Models:

Burley: Koosah & Canto,
RANS: Stratus LE, Stratus XP
Linear: LWB,
Easy Racers: Tour Easy, Fold Rush, Gold Rush, TI Rush, Cycle Genius LTX
SUN: EZ-Sport and Sport LTD.

Different Recumbent Types:


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