Mongoose Bikes

The Two Types of Mongoose Bikes

Mongoose Bicycles LogoMongoose Bikes are just one brand of many in the vast stable of performance bicycles owned by, Wisconsin based, Pacific Cycle Inc.

Mongoose Bikes are essentially produced and marketed for two different demographics.

Firstly, their expensive, SCHMICK bikes are retailed through specialty bicycle stores.
Through this more illustrious product Mongoose Bikes raise their brand profile by being deeply involved in sponsorship of professional cycling events, tours and individual cycling athletes.

The other style of Mongoose Bikes are those low-end, mass-produced bikes which are distributed by major chain-stores at discount prices.

The different types of bicycles created and sold by Mongoose are:

  • Mountain bicycles
  • BMX
  • and Street bikes.

Mongoose BMX with MotoMagsBack in 1974 the company was originally known for their famous MotoMags wheels which are produced from cast magnesium. The MotoMags wheels were their founding (and sole), brand product.

Magnesium, and now, lightweight alloy still continues to feature heavily in the manufacture of Mongoose Bikes and other Pacific Cycle products.

Since 1977, Pacific Cycles has gone on to expand its repertoire of goods to include the sale and distribution of many other major bicycle brands including:

    Mongoose Menace Bmx Bike
  • DYNO
  • GT
  • InSTEP
  • Huffy
  • Murray
  • Pacific Outdoors
  • Powerlite
  • Roadmaster
  • and Schwinn.

They manufacture performance parts for bicycles, and have also made a foray into the world of electric scooters and skateboards.

Pacific Cycles' parent-company is Dorel Industries which is a Canadian based organisation, with many juvenile product interests.
The company manufactures its bicycle brands, including Mongoose Bikes, in either China or Taiwan.


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