Different Recumbent Types:

MWB Recumbent Bicycles

a.k.a Medium WheelBase


MWB Recumbent Bicycles Are Generally ...

    Vision 40 MWB Recumbent Bicycle
  • More stable and a smoother ride than the SWB.
  • Known for their good weight distribution and manoeuvrability .
  • Better for starts and stops with its lower seat and thus give the cyclist easier 'feet on the pavement' access .
  • Great for learning how to ride a recumbent.


MWB Recumbent Bicycles Are Generally ...

  • Not really fast.
  • Prone to 'Heel Interference' - caused when the cyclists heel comes into contact with the front wheel during a tight, low-speed turn.
  • More difficult to transport with its heavier frame.


Wheelbase: The MBW the wheelbase is commonly 40 - 50 inches or 1,016 mm -1,270 mm long.

Pedals: The pedals are positioned behind the front wheel or alternatively directly over it. Having the front tire under the pedals can necessiate having to raise the pedal spindle to keep the pedals clear of the wheel in sharp turns

Some MWB Bike Models:

ActionBent: Tango, Tango GT, DeSantis Touring

Different Recumbent Types:


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