Different Recumbent Types:

OSS Recumbent Bicycles ...

a.k.a Over Seat Steering or Above-Seat Steering or ASS or Highbars

The handlebars on Over Seat-Steering recumbent bicycles, extend upwards and are positioned in front of the seat.


Over Seat Steering is Generally ...

    Over Seat Steering  Recumbent Bicycles
  • More uncomplicated mechanically - with no extra moving parts - just a a conventional handlebar stem with steerer tube connected.
  • Easier to master for learners starting out on their first recumbent bike.
  • More user friendly - you can mount all your gadgets and attach fairings to the handlebars .
  • More aerodynamic.
  • Easier to manhandle.


Over Seat Steering is Generally ...

    RANS OSS Mid Racer 'Xstream' Recumbent Bicycles
  • Trickier when steering an LWB around a sharp bend - requires hard steering right out to the side.
  • Vision restrictive over the handlebars, with certain styles of recumbent ie with a bike that has a highly reclined seat.
  • Potentially more tiring on your wrists, arms and shoulders.
  • Slower at gear changing due to all the extra cable.

Some Over Seat-Steering Manufacturers:

Easy Racers, Lightning, RANS, Bacchetta, Challenge, Volae, Maxarya, Cycle Genius and Sun.

Different Recumbent Types:


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