Different Types Of RV Bike Racks:

Choosing The Best RV Bike Rack For You ...

Different Types of RV Bicycle Racks

There is nothing better than hitting the road with your favorite people, a comfortable setup and best of all your trusty old bike to get around on ... but wait ... how do you transport such a creature?

Well have no fear - the RV Bike Rack Guide is here ...

There are a number of different styles of RV Bike Racks to choose from.

All have their own pros and cons ...

Your Choices Include:

All Posters RV vaction

Alternative Options To Look At Would Be:

  • Truck Bike Racks and/or
  • Racks designed to go inside the internal storage spaces of your RV.

    Questions To Ask And Answer ...
    BEFORE You Purchase Your RV Bicycle Rack.

    Motorhome by a mountain


  • How much do you want to spend? If you use your RV frequently then it is definitely worth investing in good quality bike racks.
  • Do you own your RV or is it rented ? This will effect how much you want to spend and the model you choose.
  • Style

  • Which type of bike racks will best suit your RV?
  • How many bicycles do you need to transport in the bike rack?
  • What distances will you cover? How rough will the terrain be?
  • Will you be taking any other sports equipment on your trip? If so then one certain rack type may more useful and cost-effective for you.
  • Which type of bike will you use in it? - Road, MTB, kids, BMX, Comfort, Townies, Electric etc?
  • Does the RV bicycle rack you like, adjust to suit a variety of different types of bikes?
  • Do you have a irregular shaped bicycle like a recumbent or tandem?
  • Will there any space considerations with parking and unloading the bicycles?
  • Construction

  • Is there good padding on the places that contact the bicycle frame?
  • Does it have a sturdy, durable construction?
  • Is it easy to use? Easy to affix to the RV? Will you need it custom fitted?
  • What is the protective padding like? Will you need to buy extra?
  • Does your RV have a bumper mount receiver, storage garage, roof-mounted utility rack or tow hitch? If it does then - what is the load capacity?
  • Does your RV have a spare tire mounted to the rear of the vehicle? This may prohibit the use of certain types of bike rack mounts.
  • How big is it? - Is it heavy or lightweight? Will it weigh you down?
  • Can you lift a bike by yourself with one hand, and hold it in position? How high can you lift it? How heavy are your bikes?
  • Is the model you like - strong and stable? Does it have anti-sway features?
  • Reputation

  • Have you tried various models to find which one actually works for you?
  • Have you read REAL people reviews of the different models? What is the RV bicycle rack's reputation like on the forums?
  • Is your choice of RV bike rack, renowned for breaking parts? Find out.
  • Accessories

  • What accessories are included?
  • Which features are essential? - Desirable?
  • Will you need a protective bike cover?
  • How vital will security be? Will you be in rural or urban areas?

Things To Consider BEFORE Buying Your RV Bicycle Rack

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There is a lot to consider when choosing the best RV Bike Racks for your vehicle, so - Ask, Talk, Check, Seek and Research - before you buy.

  • Ask a lot of questions.
  • Talk to a lot of experts - both RV experts and cycling experts.
  • Check what other people are saying on the web forums - about their experiences with particular makes and models.
  • Seek the advice of freiends and family who have used RV bike racks before. They will be able to tell you the good the bad and the ugly features - what worked, what didn't and what was just plain annoying or super fantastico.
  • Research thoroughly before you buy and remember - you get what you pay for - in quality and easy of use.

Now here is the first tip to remember ...
Not all car bike racks will fit an RV. You will need buy specific racks that are designed to be mounted onto an RV.

Secondly ... ALWAYS make sure that your RV bike rack is fitted REALLY well. If you get sloppy then you could cause untold damage to your bike, your RV and possibly other motorists.

There are quite a number of different design options and product features to choose from when buying RV bike racks ...

It can be a quagmire to wade through all the info - let alone the terminology - so we have tried to simplify and distill it all as much as possible.

Before you start - if you are feeling a little bamboozled by all the jargon - perhaps take a look at our RV Bike Racks - Terminolgy Guide.

We have examined the different styles of RV bike racks and put together list of important things that you need to think about.

It may seem like a lot of work now but trust us - when you are out on the open road you are going to be glad you put the time in now - instead of having to deal with bike rack issues during your vacation. After all ... taking your bike on holiday should enhance your pleasure not inhibit it!

PS: Buying a protective cover for your bikes is also a great idea because - whichever type of RV bike racks you decide to use - those splattered bugs can get pretty darn messy!!

Different Types Of RV Bike Racks:


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