Different Recumbent Types:

SWB Recumbent Bicycles

a.k.a Short WheelBase or Short Rider


SWB Recumbent Bicycles Are Generally ...

    Volae Century SWB Recumbent Bicycle
  • Lighter and more agile.
  • Much more manoeuvrable than the LWB, with a shorter turning radius.
  • Less prone to skidding due to a more equitable distribution of weight on the tires.
  • Less cumbersome to store and transport.
  • Faster uphills and just generally faster.
  • Designed with small wheels that make the stretch for the pedals more controllable, and keeps the boom shorter for reduced frame flex.


SWB Recumbent Bicycles Are Generally ...

    SWB Flevobike Recumbent Bicycles
  • Often not as stable and steady as the LWB recumbents.
  • Not as smooth on the bumps.
  • Prone to problems with the drive chain and the subsequent complex solutions.
  • Prone to 'Heel Interference' - caused when the cyclists heel comes into contact with the front wheel during a tight, low-speed turn.
  • Have more unsteady steering.
  • Have a more reclined seat with takes some getting use to.
  • Less visable to traffic.
  • Slower to start due to the high position of the pedals.
  • More difficult to steady by placing the feet on the road, because of the height and recline of the seat.
  • More dangerous at a blind intersection, while in motion, due to the seating recline restricting vision.
  • Less smooth to ride (unless suspension has been added), because of the front tire being very near to the seat.


Wheelbase: The SWB frame is short and has the wheels close together. The wheelbase is commonly 38-45 inches or 965.2 - 1,143 mm.

Pedals: The pedals are usually positioned IN FRONT of the front wheel.

Tires: SWB recumbents often use a front wheel of 16 - 17 inches or 406.4 - 431.8 mm to improve the chain clearance.

Some SWB Bike Models:

RANS: Rocket, V-Rex & Force 5 Expedition,
Lightning: Phantom and UP-38,
Bacchetta: Carbon Aero, Giro, Strada, Corsa and TI Aero,
Longbikes: Eliminator,
Volae: Century, Club, Expedition, Sport and Tour,
HP Velotechnik: Street Machine GT
Challenge: Seiran OS, Hurricane Tour and USS
TW-Bents: Mustang,
M5: Shock Proof 451 CrMo

Different Recumbent Types:


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